1.) To enable IIS Logging, click on "Start" -> "Programs" -> "Administrative Tools" -> "Internet Information Services".

2.) Navigate to a website in the left pane. Right click on the website and choose "Properties".

3.) Verify that the "Enable Logging" checkbox is ticked, and then 'Properties' to see the Extended logging Properties. choose your preferred Log Time Period.

4.) For further security you might consider moving the IIS Logfiles to a path other that the default setting of c:\WINDOWS\System32\LogFiles. Input your new path (eg: m:\internet\web\logs ) and then click on the Extended Properties TAB.

5.) There are lots of useful bits of info you can collect about the visitors to your site (ip address, referrer, web browser and lots more) so put a TICK in Extended Properties as shown below and make your choices from the selection. Click 'ok' when done.

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