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  2. thanks I appreciate the kind words i'm not sure. i'm doing a bunch of videos currently on MBAM in SCCM 1910 CB and that's getting all my focus, but i will get to part 8, eventually
  3. So, I ran into an issue running that reporting services configuration manager, that it couldn't find SSRS. Ended up having to remove the SSRS role and reinstall it from from the SQL Server installation center. Reporting is fixed now. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  4. But I can’t get to the web interface for /Reports in the start menu locate the SSRS Report Server Configuration Manager, and run it, you need to configure the Reports url in there and click apply.
  5. Thanks for the reply.. I ended up using pieces from you as well as another script I found.. Bottom line I am testing for VPN connection and Wi-Fi.. In case this might help someone else in the future - # check for Wifi/Wireless connection $WifiCheck = Get-wmiobject -class win32_networkadapter -namespace root\CIMV2 | where-object {$_.Name -match "Wifi" -or $_.Name -match "wireless" -and $_.name -notmatch "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter" -and $_.netenabled -eq $true} $WifiCheck = [bool]$WifiCheck if ($WifiCheck -eq 'True') {LogWrite "An Active Wireless Connection was detected, aborting with Exit code 99" $text="An Active Wireless Connection was detected. The Windows 10 Required Upgrade cannot continue while connected to A Wireless Network. Please disconnect from Wi-Fi and retry the upgrade from Software Center the next time you are in the office. `n`nPress OK to exit the upgrade." ShowMessage ($text) ExitWithCode "99"} else {LogWrite "Wireless Connection not detected, continuing..."} # check for Cisco AnyConnect VPN $NICS = Get-WmiObject -Query "Select Name,NetEnabled from Win32_NetworkAdapter where (Name like '%AnyConnect%') and NetEnabled='True'" $NICS = [bool]$NICS if ($NICS -eq 'True') {LogWrite "Cisco AnyConnect VPN was detected, aborting with Exit code 99" $text="Cisco AnyConnect VPN detected. The Windows 10 Required Upgrade cannot continue while connected to $CompanyName via Cisco AnyConnect VPN, please retry the upgrade from Software Center the next time you are in the office. `n`nPress OK to exit the upgrade." ShowMessage ($text) ExitWithCode "99"} else {LogWrite "Cisco AnyConnect VPN not detected, continuing..."}
  6. I fixed the redirect issue IIS was set to redirect automatically to the App catalog. SSRS is configured and working, reports work from the console. Can go to /ReportServer and that works. But I can’t get to the web interface for /Reports
  7. no worries, before you ran the script did you confirm that SSRS was configured and working and that reports work in your console ? if not, go ahead and fix reporting, then re-run the script
  8. @anyweb Niall, Thanks, silly me. I didn't install the ASP.net package. I can now get to SelfService. There's only two issues I have left one - This popped up in yellow text during the script that installed the websites. "WARNING: Unable to determine web service uri to Audit Report. This can be corrected in the web.config for the HelpDesk website." If I try to access http://servername.domain/HelpDesk it immediately redirects to http://servername.domain/CMApplicationCatalog/# If I try https://servername.domain/HelpDesk/# it works fine. Any suggestions?
  9. I'm watching your video now. Hopefully, I'll be able to resolve the SelfService portal.
  10. @anyweb I came across this website, when I found the solution that worked for me. It may have just been a one-off oddity with my setup. https://rcmtech.wordpress.com/2016/10/21/fix-powershell-winrm-remote-connection-errors/
  11. I have applied a GPO that sets a 45 minute time out and sets the screensaver. Looking at screen saver settings it all looks good. the problem is that 6 minutes later the screen times out and the screen saver comes on. To trouble shoot this I have looked at the power settings and the advanced power settings and made any changes needed to display and sleep settings. I have also regedits for the System unattended sleep timeout and Console lock display off timeout. All changes have not made a difference. At this point I am drawing a blank as to why the screensaver is still timing out at 6 minutes. Any suggestions to find an answer would be helpful.
  12. Had this exact error as well. Each deployment type was using a registry and a directory detection clause. I was reusing the same directory detection clause object and creating new registry clauses for each. Reusing the directory clause object was causing the issue. As soon as i removed\created a second directory clause object it worked perfectly.
  13. hiya i didn't see that problem (see part 2 of my videos here) https://www.niallbrady.com/2019/12/10/learn-about-mbam-integration-in-microsoft-endpoint-configuration-manager-version-1910-part-2-configure-portals/ however i have one lab with the cert issue you reported on technet and your workaround didn't work for me, fyi cheers niall
  14. thanks! yes you could check for the ip range that your network cables use (as opposed to wireless), and detect based on that, all networks are different so you'll have to customize it somehow to suit your environment cheers niall
  15. I'm using 1903 insider and receiving the command window pictured above while using usb recovery..? Then again I've factory reset this device nearly a dozen times and it is always something new that prevents my utilizing any meaningful function. Code 500 seems to be one most common. To be completely honest, I'm beginning to believe (based on folders of Dev reports) that I'm dealing with hackers within Microsoft proper. Support has provided 0 assistance on any of a number of issues. Moreover attempts to set up 2 step verification go through and are validated, however upon powering on for the next use th password does not work nor is two step verification set up. Tabbing through code in an admin prompt window reveals hundreds of .dll commands I've never heard of. Enterprise level forensics receive access denied in command lines, while find, finger and mrinfo do not exist, are not files... Unfortunately I don't lose, know how to quit, understand what can't is nor value anything above the shared vision I will see brought to fruition.
  16. Thank you for the great work on this great tool.. Couple of question for you.. Is there a way to check that a hardwire is connected (network) and if not, exit the script.. along the same line I am not quite sure what information to place into the VPN section so that I can properly detect if the user is using VPN and then show the message you already have. Are we looking to enter the gateway/subnetmask/ Thanks.
  17. Resolved getting to this website by adding /# at the end of the address. Administration and monitoring website: https://webserver.contoso.com/HelpDesk
  18. Hello all. I'm encountering an issue after setting up MBAM in CM1910 https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/configmgr/protect/deploy-use/bitlocker/setup-websites The steps state: After installation, access the portals via the following URLs: Self-service portal: https://webserver.contoso.com/SelfService Administration and monitoring website: https://webserver.contoso.com/HelpDesk So I swap out my website information for that, and I am prompted to select a certificate to use (It won't let me put in username/password), but none of the certificates that are showing up are correct. Any thoughts where I should look?
  19. Am I reading this right? You want this one: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4054518/windows-7-update-kb4054518 Which if I'm reading that correctly, is a not-released-on-normal-cadence for Windows 7, for December... 2017. 2 years ago. 48 months ago. the monthly rollup for Windows 7 has been superseded by a newer one dozens of times. Are you absolutely SURE that's the one you need? Why wouldn't you deploy something newer than December, 2017? Personally, since today (December 10, 2019) is hotfix Tuesday, I'd wait until the latest Windows 7 update is released today--there probably will be one--and download and deploy the latest one later today.
  20. Hi, I am getting this error when installing/connecting sqlserver through sccm installer.. Could you please help me on this.. what went wrong! [The target principal name is incorrect. Cannot generate SSPI context.],
  21. Have you looked at the default software update compliance reports? they do provide similar but more granular. Thanks, Eswar
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  23. I haven't approved any feature packs above 1809. Some computers seem to be ingoring SCCM for the feature packs and going to MS, thus installing them (1909). While I look into why they are doing this, is the a group policy setting that will allow me to turn of installation of feature packs from MS? In case it matters, all of my clients are running Enterprise edition.
  24. thanks for the thanks,. first thing though, is your 1910 lab in HTTPS mode ? if not you cannot use MBAM integration, it must be in HTTPS mode. if you need help with https mode see the following links, i converted one of my labs from http to https yesterday using these guides, it's not that hard if you pay attention to the guides: *to learn how to setup PKI and convert MEM CM from HTTP to HTTPS see https://windows-noob.com/forums/topic/16252-how-can-i-configure-pki-in-a-lab-on-windows-server-2016-part-1/ and then once complete, do this https://windows-noob.com/forums/topic/16300-how-can-i-configure-system-center-configuration-manager-in-https-mode-pki-part-1/
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