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  2. Hi, I have created a Bitlocker Policy and deployed to a device collection. Everything is OK. but on the client it show me "Non-Complaint", I have checked the both Log file on the client, no error nad on the event viewer MBAM also no error. Only if click view Report I see there Non-Complaint with warning If I run MBAM client manually I can go on and it works and I can see the Password and KEY on the SQL Server. And then I see on the client it is complaint. Any Idea why? Regards
  3. that error translates to " Operation did not complete because there is no logged-on interactive user. Source: Windows Update Agent ----- "
  4. I will do up a guide for installing the smoothwall VM soon, and thanks for the thanks, as regards the scripts, all of them are available for download for any logged in member of windows-noob.com if you encounter any missing script please point me to it and i'll fix it cheers niall
  5. I've finally managed to install Smoothwall, DC01, and get internet on DC01 via Smoothwall ! thanks for the guide. Will continue with the guide, and try to complete the whole thing. Some of the scripts that are attached on your "How Can I configure PKI in a lab on Windows Server 2016 - Part 1-8" says its unavailable. Is there anywhere else I can get all the scripts related to that guide from? Once again, thank you very much. I have looked around for a lot of hands of lab guides like this, and this one is probably the best out there.
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  7. Hi, I am trying to setup a lab as per your guide "How can I configure PKI in a lab on Windows Server 2016 - Part 1-8", which I think is one of the best guide out there. I am currently stuck on installing and configuring the smoothwall VM. Do you also have a guide for this? also, I have noticed that most of the powershell scripts attached on your guide isn't available anymore. Is there anywhere else I can get them from? For example - Configure ADDS.PS1 Thank you very much. (I have attached the screenshot for my VM config and the screen that I am getting stuck on, after I power on the VM)
  8. Good day anyone also experiencing this or has anyone resolved this issue with regards with Windows 10 2004 Feature Update. TIA. Attach is the screenshot of the error we are having.
  9. Running CB 2002 and the same issue! Peer Caching is working great! During OSD, packages (Drivers, scripts, and OS image download from peer cache sources with the content). Applications stay stuck on 0% indefinitely! The client tries to fall back to the DP with no success and it just hangs! If I crash the task sequence on purpose and install from the Software Center, the same application downloads from a peer and works flawlessly! Why is OSD not working and the fully provisioned computer does? I have verified in the logs that everything mentioned is happening. We are using HTTP mixed mode (No PKI) and in the logs (DateTransferService.log) when the application attempts to be downloaded, I get CCMCreateAuthHeaders failed (0x80004005). In provisioning mode with authenticator. Failed to read "SecurityToken" from registry. Anybody! Any thought?!
  10. not that i'm aware of, if the PIN is causing you so much issues why don't you just disable it
  11. How did you resolve this keywan? I have the same situation. My portals work, my policy deploys to the targeted collection, the agent installs just fine, but I get no pop-up. My Group Policy Handler log has 3 errors stating Failed to commit Group Policy. Thanks.
  12. If your computers use Intel vPro technology and it's configured then maybe you could use that to solve this (but I haven't tested it)
  13. Respected Sir, Thanks a lot for the valuable information and have amazing vacations :). I want to thank you personally for always guiding me with your rich experience and expertise. I am resolving this thread as for now. Hope to have your guidance in coming days too with other issue. Thanks a ton again for the help and guidance. Regards, Shashi Dubey
  14. You could try hiring a consultant to remote in and troubleshoot it for you ? I'm on vacation now so don't have that much time to troubleshoot problems, also, have you taken a look at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/core/servers/deploy/configure/boundary-groups#fallback in WinPE, the client gets the list of possible MPs from a regkey that is set on the Distribution Point HKLM\Software\Microsoft\SMS\DP\ManagementPoints This key contains information about which MPs are available and in what order it will try to reach them. That order is determined by the order in which you installed the management points...You can change this key (on the distribution point) but it will be overwritten again soon by ConfigMgr. One workaround is to either run a schedule task that sets the "correct" value you want or use Configuration Items to set it instead...
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  16. why did you configure dhcp options, that's not needed or recommended, please remove them and try again
  17. Sorry, the version is SCCM Current Branch 1902
  18. Well that is the first problem, Windows 10 is NOT supported on SCCM 2012. You need to upgrade to Current Branch.
  19. Hi everyone, I'm going to tell you my problem if you can help me !!! My environment: Sccm 2012 I have to distribute windows 10 and I am testing with a virtual machine. I configured the DP by enabling the PXE and not WDS. DHCP configured (66-67) When the boot starts on the client I get the error you see in the attached file. Also on the SMSPXE.log file comes the message: not able to open SMSBoot \ x86 \ wdsnbp.com I don't know what to do anymore .... help me thank you very much!
  20. Question Hi, As the title suggest, for some reason , we have changed the IBCM Server Public IP Address & the Internet FQDN. Now, I have changed the new FQDN under IBCM Site Server settings.. Also, New IBCM IIS certificate was generated with updated SAN entries which includes new Internet FQDN & Bind it in IIS. Clients which are on Intranet… automatically picks up the new IBCM FQDN & same is reflecting under Control Panel>ConfigMgr>Network applet. I have tested and these clients working as expected if we are moving to Internet. But the issue here is …. For those clients who never been to VPN after this COVID issue. Tested for 1 of the client & it is still pointing to OLD IBCM FQDN. Its for Bulk of users....And we already tried SMS Agent Restart ....followed by a Complete System Restart How do i Fix This….!! Thanks
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  22. Hi, 1) your Reporter Service should run, it means you have to access http://yourserver/Reporterserver or https://yourserver/Reporterserver See here your SQL Reporter 2) Your Reporter Point service on the SCCM should have a user with sysadmin right on the SQL server
  23. Hi, I have the same problem in my test lab Get-ReportServiceUri : Unable to find BitLocker Management reports on report service at http://sccm/ReportServer At F:\SMSSETUP\BIN\X64\MBAMWebSiteInstaller.ps1:1285 char:34 + ... $reportUriPart = Get-ReportServiceUri $ReportWebServiceUrl + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Write-Error], WriteErrorException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.WriteErrorException,Get-ReportServiceUri Have I forget to install something or what is here wrong? How did you correct the problem please?
  24. Greetings all I am wishing to create a Office 2019 package using the SCCM Office 365 Installer. Going through the menus in the Office Installer GUI, I have selected Office Professional Plus 2019 - Volume License as the product. Once I get to the Licensing and Activation part, I enable to automatically accept the EULA, select the KMS Client Key radio button option, and then under Product Activation, I am only presented with User Based activation. Since this will be used for clients that will not have a E3 or E5 Office 365 license, I wish to select Device Based activation, however that option is greyed out for some reason. Any idea why I cannot select Device Based activation through the Office 365 installer for Office 2019? If I can select Office Professional Plus 2019 - Volume License, I would assume that User Based Activation would be greyed out and not Device Based. I am using MS Endpoint Configuration Manager Version 1910 Thanks for any feedback on this!
  25. Hi, Can I manage the Bitlocker PIN by MBAM Portal or SCCM? I mean if the client computer has Bitlocker with PIN and I deploy Windows uodate and the user is not available, after reboot you have to enter the Bitlocker PIN. Can I enter the PIN remotly? Is there anyway to do that with MBAM Portal or other Tool?
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