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  2. FYI, in CMCB CMtrace is now installed as part of the client install. But I know you example it can use used with any application like it.
  3. Thank you so much sir! I keep getting compatibility scan issue on my Windows 7 VM, and it does not continue. I am curious about the return code check I am getting a return of one of the known codes but it still says it can't continue with the Installation.
  4. I seem to be hitting the same roadblock. Exact same story - made a copy of the 1803 TS and retargeted the 1809 install.wim for the new OS. Fails every time at the applying operating system and there is little in the logs to indicate exactly why. I was wondering if you happened to get this working now the 1809 is back in the wild.
  5. Old post i ran into while looking at deploying CMTrace. I completed the deployment using PowerShell scripts, with the addition of copying a link to the Public Desktop. CMTrace_Install.ps1 # Path to store the .ico and .exe $AppPath = 'C:\Windows\System32' # Path of the Public Desktop for shortcut $AppShortcut = "C:\Users\Public\Desktop" # Copy the .ico, .exe, and .lnk. Copy-Item .\CMTrace.lnk -Destination $AppShortcut Copy-Item .\CMTrace.ico -Destination $AppPath Copy-Item .\CMTrace.exe -Destination $AppPath CMTrace_UnInstall.ps1 # Path to store the .ico and .exe $AppPath = 'C:\Windows\System32' # Path of the Public Desktop shortcut $AppShortcut = 'C:\Users\Public\Desktop' # Remove the .ico, .exe, and .lnk Remove-Item $AppShortcut\CMTrace.lnk Remove-Item $AppPath\CMTrace.exe Remove-Item $AppPath\CMTrace.ico
  6. UrganLokki9

    force stop restart

    To start or stop a service through PowerShell, you can use the Start-Service or the Stop Service cmdlet, followed by the name of the service that you want to start or stop. For instance, you might enter Stop-Service DHCP or Start-Service DHCP. To cancel or abort system shutdown or restart, open Command Prompt, type shutdown /a within the time-out period and hit Enter.
  7. UrganLokki9

    Cant Install O365

    Most likely already littered with cache memory updates. For the ideal, there would be an exit to completely reinstall Windows and put an Office on a clean one.
  8. BenjaminB

    The Multiple Hard Drive Question.....

    Hello i am a noob with SCCM task sequence. Could you post some screen capture of your configuration. Thanks.
  9. I'm getting an error that the program is not compatible with my operating system, windows 10 64bit 1809
  10. I'm getting an error that the program is not compatible with my operating system, windows 10 64bit 1809
  11. I was getting "Failed to Download Policy" error. https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/charlesa_us/2015/03/11/smsts-log-showing-failed-to-download-policy-guidhere-code-0x80004005/ helped me resolve the issue. I opened Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 17 and performed option B. In the example, replace the 12345678-28EB-40E3-9959-1EFEB0453286 with the GUID found in the log from the client machine located in x:\Windows\Temp\SMSTSlog\smsts
  12. Earlier
  13. technically i'm sure it's possible but you'd have to script something to make the call to AD and then pull the relevant data.
  14. I know you can unlock drives during OSD when you use MBAM. Is it possible to do this when you don't use MBAM but instead use AD to store the keys?
  15. I have some input to give you about this issue : I've noticed that in the ClientIDManagerStartup.log it's says : I opened a case at Microsoft ... Waiting for the next.
  16. nhottinger

    SCEP Setup Guide

    Thank you for the information. I have set this up for a few test pc's before we roll it out to the org.
  17. Hi, I was wondering if some one can point me in the correct direction i want to be able to setup a different keyboard (Chinese Mandarin) so that students can see this without them having to go onto the control panel to add this keyboard each time they login. I ideally want to do this via a GPO. Any help would be much appreciated Regards Dom
  18. best of luck with it Thomas, i know it's complex to setup, but once you have it all working in a lab it's worth it !
  19. Recently rolled this out, some brief notes: - On a Windows 10 machine, no additional agent is required. You simply set the SCCM policy to enable Endpoint Protection (Defender) to be managed. SCCM > Administration > Client Settings > Endpoint Protection > Manage Endpoint Protection...... - On a Windows 7 machine, SCCM will automatically deploy the SCEP agent if the above policy setting is enabled. We haven't deployed to server so cant assist there, but no reason why it wouldnt work. - You'll need to setup ADR's so new definitions are downloaded every X hour, you'll also need to change you SUP sync schedule to match this frequency - All settings/configuration/exclusions etc can be done via Anti-Malware policies. SCCM > Asset and Compliance > Endpoint Protection > Antimalware policies - I found we had to manually uninstall our previous AV solution (even though SCCM has an option to remove it) else SCEP would fail to install. I had to script the removal of the old AV Take some time to flick over all the anti-malware policies, everything will become much clearer. Key thing is to make sure your definitions are regularly updated (i do mine every 8 hours), and to make sure your SUP also sync at the same time else the ADR will run against a "outdated" SUP catalog.
  20. Hello, We just installed the hotfix for SCCM 1810 (KB4486457). This hotfix implies a new version of the SCCM agent (5.00.8740.1024). We configured SCCM to deploy automatically this agents on workstations and servers but we are experiencing the following issue (ccmsetup.log) : I managed to install the client by using the ccmsetup.exe with the following parameters : SMSSITECODE=LOL SMSMP=HTTPS://SCCM-SUPMPDP2.DOMAIN.COM DNSSUFFIX=DOMAIN.COM CCMFIRSTCERT=1 CCMCERTSTORE=MY But the SCCM client is not able to find its management point. Actually it finds both MP but considers they are not "Compatible" Do you have an idea ?
  21. Thomas Capacci

    How can I configure PKI in a lab on Windows Server 2016 - Part 4

    Hi Niall, Thank you! No more excuses to not get started!
  22. hi Thomas, i guess you missed the start of the blog post ? here it is again...I've also added a hard link to part 5 at the end of this blog post, thanks This series is comprised of different parts, listed below. Part 1 - Introduction and server setup Part 2 - Install and do initial configuration on the Standalone Offline Root CA Part 3 - Prepare the HTTP Web server for CDP and AIA Publication Part 4 - Post configuration on the Standalone Offline Root CA (this part) Part 5 - Installing the Enterprise Issuing CA Part 6 - Perform post installation tasks on the Issuing CA Part 7 - Install and configure the OCSP Responder role service Part 8 - Configure AutoEnroll and Verify PKI health
  23. Thomas Capacci

    How can I configure PKI in a lab on Windows Server 2016 - Part 4

    Hi Niall, when can we expect part 5?
  24. When I set this up years ago, all updates that were available were put into one of the "Base Set of Updates" groups and an underlying associated deployment package. So these hold mostly old updates at this point, as I do not add to them. Each month, the Patch Tuesday ADR described in my original post runs and create a new group (Patch Tuesday - 2019-01-18) as last months example. As it stands now, this group contains anything released or changed in the last month. This Group that is created is deployed to the various collections (Test Groups, Servers, Workstations etc.) Every few months, I move the updates contained in those ADR monthly groups into the "Yearly - Current Year" group to keep things cleaned up. I set this up based on some published instructions that were available online at that point in time (2015). I was curious if anyone had setup a similar style for the patching process.
  25. 2 months sounds about right. Although that assumes your clients are all patched to a level within 2 months release
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