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  2. ok thanks, i'll fix it today, i can see the characters when switching to Ansi in NotePad++, so are these the characters you are referring to ? I've no idea how they ended up there, maybe it's the forum software...
  3. It was in Part 4. There are two sections: Step 3. Configure the AIA certutil -setreg CA\CACertPublicationURLs "1:C:\Windows\system32\CertSrv\CertEnroll\%1_%3%4.crt\n2:ldap:///CN=%7,CN=AIA,CN=Public Key Services,CN=Services,%6%11\n2:http://pki.windows-noob.com/CertEnroll/%1_%3%4.crt" Step 4. Configure the CDP certutil -setreg CA\CRLPublicationURLs "1:C:\Windows\system32\CertSrv\CertEnroll\%3%8%9.crl\n10:ldap:///CN=%7%8,CN=%2,CN=CDP,CN=Public Key Services,CN=Services,%6%10\n2:http://pki.windows-noob.com/CertEnroll/%3%8%9.crl" I triple-clicked to select the text, then copy pasted into notepad so I could change the name of the .crt and .crl I've just copy-pasted into notepad again, and now I'm looking for it, I can recognise that the invisible characters are there. I'm using Firefox 68.0.1
  4. For variables with spaces you must use 3 double quotes on either side
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  6. Has anyone found root cause or a solution to this issue? We're seeing this with SCCM 1902 when re-imaging existing workstations with Windows 10 1809. Two workarounds: delete the existing SCCM computer object BEFORE re-imaging or repair/reinstall the SCCM client after the imaging process.
  7. thank you ! I put a ton of effort into creating it. I've seen this before too, and i thought i fixed all code in the 8 part series, if you could point me to the commands that you copied the code from i'll verify them again (with notepad++)
  8. Great guide! I initially had the 'CDP Location' and 'unable to download' issue. For me, it was the http entry CDP #2. One thing I did notice is the the path shown using pkiview ended with '.crl%EE%BE%FF' rather than just the '.crl' (I can't remember the exact hex numbers). I could get to the crt via http if I removed the percentage part. I looked in the registry on RootCA and the CDP #2 path was last entry in the value. I know that each line must end with a return (in the registry), but for this particular line, there was an extra invisible character included before the return. I removed it (but kept the return), then republished from root > issuingca and it started working Maybe this is due to cut-and-paste from the website? If anyone has a similar issue, check the registry of potentially affected machines for invisible characters. I was scratching my head and looking at other stuff, so I can't be sure that this was the cause, but the %EE%EF%FF didn't seem right. PS - this was on Server 2019
  9. Hello, I am trying to put together a SCCM standalone OSD build media which is based on our production Windows 10 TS. The production TS wipes the disk (existing Windows 7) and installs Win 10. The solution now works end to end as expected on a virtual machine however when it comes to a physical machine, I am running into a strange behaviour where in after configuring the HP BIOS (secure boot etc.) in WinPE, during the subsequent reboot, instead of booting into the staged Winpe from the HDD to continue with the TS, it once again boots from the Standalone media USB and starts the build process all over again. The overall steps of my Standalone TS are as below: 1. Trigger the autorun TS exe from the running Windows 7 OS USB drive 2. Enter the password to start the TS 3. Select the only standalone TS presented 4. Disable bitlocker 5. Reboot (to boot image assigned to this TS) 6. Convert BIOS to UEFI (if it is not already UEFI) 7. Restart computer (to boot image assigned to this TS) 8. Partition disk 9. Configure HP BIOS **** This is where it configures secure boot, bios password etc. Everything seems to be working as expected up until this stage I have attached the smsts.log as well as the HP Bios utility output captured at this stage 10. Reboot (to boot image assigned to this TS) This is the stage where it starts all over again booting into the inserted USB and starts the standalone task sequence by prompting for the media password (of step 2 above). Just wanted to know what I am doing wrong. Why is the TS starting all over again booting into the USB? I highly suspect, at the BIOS configuration stage, something happens at the BIOS level because of which, during the subsequent reboot, the HDD is not “visible” to the boot manager and hence falls back to the next boot order option which is the USB containing the standalone boot media. When I remove the USB, the boot fails with DOS-style prompt (with black background) with the message ">>Start PXE over IPv4". If I continue to boot into USB, and F8 and check the disk, there is C drive with bootmgt,bootmgr.efi files as well as sms flder, Sources folder (with boot.wim), _SMSTaskSequence folder etc. I can even run diskpart. With Disk 0 selected, I can see 4 partitions (system, Reserved,Primary,Recovery) Any thoughts? Is there anything that I can do in terms of the troubleshooting to know what’s happening? Thank you. smsts.log HP Bios Utility Output.txt
  10. Last week
  11. I was having the same issue on ConfigMgr 1902. Removing the failback fixed my problem.
  12. GarthMJ


    Have you looked at the AI reports?
  13. Kevin79


    Is there a report that will list the computers, primary users and last time a certain program was used? Software Metering is turned on.
  14. Hello, can you solve your problem? I also encountered the same problem.
  15. There is no simple answer each inbox does different things with different log files. The single line that you have posted above does not show a problem, it show that the sender is actually sending data. What you need to determine is the backlog due to slow links or twoo many packages been sent at once or ???
  16. Which logs files should I start with, also whats your expectations for a problem like this from your experience Sender.log looks normal Attempt to write 85460 bytes to \\SS140SCCM.test.domain.local\SMS_SITE\13P9KHQ1.PCK at position 272958434
  17. You should determine what the problem is and fix that. just cleaning out the files is a bad idea as it hides the problems that you are having.
  18. Hi, I need help to clear SCCM Inboxes backlogs files I’ve dozens of backlogs and I don’t know how to remove them, all distributed files sucked at in-process state. attached screen show all files.
  19. HI On a Windows 10 OSD TS, i want ot add the Bitlocker recover Key to Azure for Hybrid Joined devices. How can i achive this from an SCCM TS? Thanks
  20. mniceguy81


    Thank you for your lovely tutorials, on to the next SCCM part. Wish you a lovely evening Sir
  21. did some googling,....forgot to add the dp to a boundary group ...added and now it works.
  22. Hi WN I just installed my lab env and try to deploy a OS TS but get this error? where do i look ??
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