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  1. Hi, I would recommend that you only configure IP Helpers and NOT any DHCP options, so your IP helpers are pointing to both your DHCP server and your PXE server, then you will have a dynamic solution. Configuring DHCP options is not relay support by MS and it is not best practice and configuring both is not needed at all. Regards, J├Ârgen
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  2. Hi. While the smarter guys are still working / sleeping I hope I can push you to the right direction by giving best guesses. Edit 2. I assume that in SCCM you have in the DP's properties enabled PXE and that SCCM has thus also installed and configured WDS role on your server and that you have distributed the boot images with the checkbox "Deploy this boot image from the PXE service point" and that there actually are some boot files automatically created into SCCMSERVER\RemInst\SMSBoot\x86 and \x64 (Edit 3: fixed the folder name...) For source, as I can't find a Windows Noob tutorial rig
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