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  1. It's because the Store apps have updated and this breaks Sysprep. I was speaking with a MS rep at a conference yesterday and they said you've got a few options; 1. Install W10 without a network connection and build the image in this state until the capture 2. Install W10 and set local policy (or registry) to disable the Windows Store (so it doesn't update itself and the built-in apps), then connect it to the network, build the image and remove the GPO/regedit just before capture 3. Nuke the Store and apps by running the steps shown here - https://www.windows-noob.com/forums/topic/5070-how-can-i-capture-an-image-using-capture-media-in-configmgr-2012/?p=38663 Once you capture and then deploy the Store and its apps will automagically reappear in the deployment. I tested this and replicated the results, it's really annoying and I hope MS fix it, legacy meets modern in craptacular fashion once again! Would love to see anyweb replicate the issue and post a more thorough writeup on the problem! ;D
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