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  1. As a matter of interest are there any parts of the sccm install process you have not been able to powershell? I ask as around this time last year I was in a position of knowing I needed to rebuild my entire domain as we were going through a company rename but didnt yet have the new name. Ended up building a few dozen domain environments through powershell+powercli (vmware environment) including a lot of the sccm stuff so that once i did have the name+domain name i was ready to get going pretty quickly. I accept I am no powershell expert but as it took me a long time to put together if there are any smaller parts of interest I'm happy to share them, log of entire build attached. I made a lot of sacrifices in the scripts for the fact these scripts were all running remotely, e.g. i installed SQL as a scheduled task. Names/ip addresses tweaked for semi-anonymity. CleanedUpNames.Build.txt
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