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  1. There's an official MS doc update on this now at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-desktop-optimization-pack/mbam-v25/how-to-enable-bitlocker-by-using-mbam-as-part-of-a-windows-deploymentmbam-25). No clue how many companies are potentially affected by this ... but seriously, for anybody reading this post ... if you're currently using Invoke-MBAM with ConfigMgr's native BitLocker Management, just get it completely out of your task sequences now. Even if you're not on 2103 yet ... get it out so you don't get hit by this if / when you do upgrade to 2103. It's frustrating there's no supported way to escrow recovery info during OSD but trust me, you do not want to have a large environment get hit by this issue. If you are on 2103+ and have used Invoke-MBAM in task sequence scenarios since upgrading to 2103 ... I'd recommend you get in a support case with MS ASAP and then you too can join in the fun of waiting to see if and how your database / server WMI / client WMI can be salvaged.
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