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  1. I imported some VHD's from Microsoft Virtual PC to Hyper V, and I noticed that one of my VM's had a problem, I couldn't add a second network card to it (I could add it in settings, but it would never appear as a new device on the VM or in the VM's device manager), so I checked out the device manager, there was a device with a yellow exclamation mark on it called VMBus. Double clicking on that showed me the following error After some googling I found this post and the advice in there was spot on, I had already installed my Intergration Services Setup disk and rebooted, but my problem remained, the VMBus was now called Virtual Machine Bus but still no network, so I ran MSCONFIG, clicked on boot, then clicked on the advanced tab and put a checkmark in Detect HAL, I clicked ok and reboot, some windows drivers were redetected and lo and behold my problem disappeared ! cheers ! anyweb
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