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  1. If you (like me) have used Quick Assist in the past you might be disappointed to know that the built in Windows 10/11 app is going to be killed off in the coming days and replaced with Quick Assist from the Microsoft Store. If you start the Quick Assist app today you'll see something like this (taken from my Windows 11 computer). the text below is taken from the official announcement. Why is this a big deal ? Well for a couple of reasons namely... If you were supporting users in Windows Autopilot using CTRL+Windows key + Q, then that built in ability will be gone. If your users are Standard Users (and they should be) then they won't be able to install the app from the Store as it requires local admin permissions. Below screenshot is from a Windows 10 vm running as a standard user. If the computer you are supporting has Store app issues (and that's a common problem, for example store apps not working after a Cumulative update was installed and waiting on a reboot). The new app uses characters as well as numbers, and that might confuse some people Ironically, the new Store apps provided instructions say nothing about the fact that the user has to download the Store app to get support. Some think this is a good thing as it means only admins can install the remote assistance app, but I think it'll just push people towards alternatives What are your thoughts on this ?
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