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  1. Hello guys.


    This is my first post on forum


    At the start I need to thank you guys for extremely good guides and tips. It’s one of my favorite



    I working with IT for some time now and my next step are to get better acknowledge about Microsoft

    Deploy. I was working with server 2003/2008rc2, Sccm 2007, MDT. But now it time to get me to

    another level


    For education purposes I have at home two virtual machines one with 2008 rc2 second is boot camp

    of my windows 7 enterprise.


    Server has DNS, DC, AD but I can’t join with my client (windows 7) to domain.


    Every time I try to add client I get error message.














    And my dcdiad /test:DNS




    Can someone help me with this?



    Many thanks Jakub

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