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  1. 1 hour ago, Kiran chandra B said:

    We have 3 primary servers in different regions, so need CAS server , on checking doc to to resolve your TLS problem, I see below error when i open the URL in web browser, should i turn on TLS1.0, 1.1 ,1.2 on CAS server and what is impact of doing Turning on TLS 1.0,1.1,1.2 on SCCM servers, network and other things


    Nothing, as that is the default to have TLS 1.2 enabled. 

    But keep in mind that since you have a CAS and therefore over 150, 000 computers, you should be opening a support ticket with MS directly. As their might be a reason why TLS 1.2 was turned off. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Kiran chandra B said:

    Thanks for above info, Also wanted to check if we can estimate the increase to the DB? what is the size now and how much space on the drives where the DB file is?

    I user 15-20mb per client + 2gb for the db itself. (#of clients * 20mb) + 2048 MB for db size. But honestly, the db size is not the issue, having the correct data is the issue and db grow within reason is more important. 


  3. On you CAS Nothing. On your Primary site, it will allow the HW inventory to be added to the db. Also keep in mind that this will REDUCE (yes reduce) network, CPU and IOPS on your clients and MP, site server as it will Stop the resync looping. Go strait to 50 MB, don't bother with anything smaller. 

    Change the Maximum File Size of a MIF - Recast Software

  4. First off it is NOT support to query the tables directly for you report. Only use the supported SQL views listed on the docs page too.  Hardware inventory views - Configuration Manager | Microsoft Docs This is why you are see a permissions issue. 

    Secondly the dups are to be expected, as the dell service give you all of the row that you see within the web page. I wrote a blog on why you need normalized details. You Need Normalized Warranty Results - Recast Software


  5. 50 minutes ago, MES805 said:

    Hi all,


    With respect to the one-liner "Use the built-in reports.": There are like 250 canned reports in SCCM, and I have yet to find a good summary of what-all they do and which are superior for what purposes.  I regularly use the "Add Remove Software" to see historically what an individual device has installed, but like the original request, I'm looking for a better report to export in CSV format what machines have what software installed into them on a collection-wide basis.

    Any opinions on what reports or pre-fab queries might offer this search?


    There are a few Q there:

    Here is a list of all of the report and what they display. List of reports - Configuration Manager | Microsoft Docs

    Reports will show current detail, as of the last HW inventory cycle (not historical), and I hope HW inv. is set to daily too

    Remember that all report can be exported to a CSV or PDF or Word or Excel. Just use the save option on the report sub menu. 

    Are their other prefab reports out there, Yes. some are free, some are not or you can create your own just be carful to do it right. Keep in mind that I do work for a company that does create prefab reports and as such I can't point you to others out there. 



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