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  1. Hello All


    We are having an issue with our new SCCM Environment. SCCM was happily working, Deploying OS's, Installing and Uninstalling applications and the other day just stopped Uninstalling applications. It will install but wont remove.


    We are SCCM 2012 SP1 installed on Server 2008R2 we have a Standalone site and our Collections are populated via Querying AD Groups. Our Install and Uninstall Collections are updating and when we check the deployments within properties on the Device it shows the relevant 'Install' or 'Removal' for the required application.


    What we have noticed is:


    Before we had the problem even if we didnt have an application installed, within the Software Centre the application would be listed with a Status of Not Installed - Now it does not.


    If we delete the deployment and recreate we get the same issue

    If we delete the collection and recreate and then create a new deployment we get the same issue

    If we create a new application and create an uninstall deployment on the old collection it works


    We have looked through a lot of logs and have found some errors, not sure of which to post as not sure what is relevant. Can anyone offer any advice?


    Many Thanks


    Mark Jones

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