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  1. Hi we recently done a feature update on all our W10 devices from CMG.  All went well until we found that the user domain profile GUID was not present. I am assuming this is passed to the client at logon when the device has line of sight to the DC. but as everybody is working remotely and only initiating a vpn connection post logon, it not pulling the GUID down. 

    SO my question to you brainy lot is, is there a way of refreshing the profile post logon or dragging the Guid off the domain.  we have been fixing this manually one by one but i could do with an automated method via sccm/mem

    There should be a string value called Guid under the following registry key: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\<profile>

  2. Hi, 

    I have CMG set up for Office 365 monthly updates, I want the content to come from CMG rather than Microsoft. but it is defaulting to Microsoft. I do have the content distributed to the CMG (Deployment package) I also have the tick box for use Microsoft de-selected on the deployment. this is frustrating as we want to switch to split tunnel to force VPN to use CMG.

    Normal updates are coming from CMG (direct) ok. 

    any ideas Guys 

    as always much appreciated. 


  3. Hi, I have a strange issue with one of my remote sites it has its own DP, when I run task sequence it is picking up content from an other DP even though the remote site has it own boundary and boundary group, and sometimes it picks up from the correct one (local). There is no fallback setup (there used to be) also check for boundary overlap. Very strange. Anybody point me in the right direction. Only problem is I have limited access to the site for testing. 

  4. Hi 

    quite new to O365, we manage the deployment from SCCM, and i inherited the config/package. we are not using the latest version and the users keep getting prompted to update within office, but we are deploying updates. If the user clicks update it takes them to the latest and gratest not the currenet version. i need to stop this happening as teh new version hasn't been signed off internally. 

    Any Ideas, thanks


  5. HI, hope I can explain my problem.

    I have been asked to deploy applications at deployment.

    I have been given multiple unique identifiers (UDI) with multiple apps assign to each UID, on a spreadsheet. I can't pre-provision the machines as there are potentially thousands, and can't user deployments as they are shared devices. I am using UDI wizard so could capture the UID as a variable.

    any ideas on how I do this, without added the machine into collections post build. 

    thanks any ideas welcome. 

  6. Hi,  I am see loads of errors in my status monitor.


    Could not open a change notification handle for directory "\\servername\SMS_PR1\inboxes\sitectrl.box" because the directory is on a remote computer., 


    I don't understand the remote server,  there are no remote servers. Any logs I can look at to see what it's attempting to refrance.  Just to add we did a restore recently. 

    Please help pulling my hair out.


  7. Hi,

    Evergreen has become the buzz word within the management team in the company,   so to achieve this I am working on two solutions.

    1. Windows as a service, update the OS,

    2. Upgrade task sequence, OS and upgrade some core apps (trying to aviod this)


    Does anybody have any experience of doing this with Sophos installed and is it going to give me issues, as I think security have enforced Tamper Guard (I think that’s what it is called), we are also using BitLocker encryption.

    Do I need to do anything to achieve either of the solutions above and which is less pain ? I am assuming the windows as a service update.


    Any advice really appreciated. P.s. why can't they just use Microsoft AV lol

  8. Hi, starting working in a place to look after W10 builds/SCCM but the GPO are in a right mess, i am after a method (power-shell script ?) to give me a readable document of ALL the group policies. i  used a similar tool to document SCCM setup. I understand i can do GPRESULT /H but i need need something from a global point of view and ideally in word format. 

    Any Suggestions most welcome.


  9. Hi 


    Big fan of this site and all the amazingly helpful people here. so based on that is there any chance of creating an O365 and Azure groups? apologies if there is something already there and I missed it. I am just dipping my toe into the world of cloud intune, O365 and Azure, I am trying to learn as much as I can but you can't beat smashing a question on here.


    thanks Guys 

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