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  1. Hey Everyone.


    Wondering if you have run into this situation. We have one application that fails to distribute to the DPs. We've verified that permissions (machine accounts have access) to the network share (source folder) and we don't experience failures with any other applications in the same source folder.


    Hoping someone can help point me in the right direction. Distmgr log shows this error (jpg attached), but i've not luck in figuring out what the root issue could be.


    Any ideas?




  2. Hi Everyone.


    We recently upgraded to SP1 and are noticing some error and warning messages under Component Status--particularly SMS_MP_File_Dispatch_Manager.


    The messages we are seeing are: (i've changed the server names in this post)



    • MP File Dispatch Manager running on the management point "Server01" cannot connect to site server "Server02".


    Management Points seem to be working fine. Has anyone else run into these issues/messages after upgrading to SP1?



  3. Hi Everyone, first post ever about ConfigMgr (as I am a total noob at this..)


    Our organization is having issues remote controlling some clients. I looked at the log file: CmRcService.log and can't seem to figure it out. Has anyone ever run into 'overflow detected' error in their logs? I've attached a screenshot. :-)


    Thanks so much for any guidance!





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