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  1. We are in the process of upgrading our workstation environment to IE11. In testing we have sporadically seen where a .aspx forwarded download link (ie all microsoft.com downloads) do not work. On the PC's affected the Open/save/Save as window opens (the pop out, not the toolbar at bottom). Once a selection is made and regardless of selection, the popup closes and nothing happens. Any ideas? I have reset IE settings to default with no change. Rolling back to ie10 it works, reupgrading to 11 breaks it again.

  2. While that makes sens in some ways it doesn't in others. The clients grab all new patch tuesday updates and install with no problem. This tells me they are communicating fine with the SCCM server...It is when applying older catchup patches that we see it. For example KB3032655


    Yet if I go to those PC's and run windows update manually from Microsoft it tells me it is an important update

  3. We are in the process of a n environment wide patch remeidation effort. An issue I am running into is that if we run windows updates manually updates are listed important updates. When I push the same update via SCCM is comes back with a status of not required. Why is there the discrepency? Is there anyway to force an install of "Not required" updates? The goal would be that if windows updates was run manually it would find no important updates

  4. I am having some weird issues trying to create this. My limiting collection is all systems. What I would like is all PC's in the all systems, excluding the PC's that are in a sub collection. I am getting overlap trying to do include All systems, exlcude "other collection" I assume I am doing this worng. What is the proper way to accomplish this?

  5. I am attempting to deploy win 8.1 to a surface pro 2 with the ms docking station. I am booting off of a flash drive to PE and running the advertisement over ethernet through the docking station. It boots fine, picks up ethernet, starts the task sequence, downloads the install.wim, loads it etc. When it reboots it drops the ethernet connection. This causes the join domain, activation, install applications to fail. It finishes, I log into windows and it pick the ethernet back up. Any ideas?

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