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  1. Greetings,


    I am looking for a way to display a custom column in the devices window. I wold like to show the AD Description field in the results pane. I know that this can be shown in a custom report but the requirements that have been given to me is that this field be shown as a column in this window. I am already collecting this information and it shows in the device details.


    What is happening is that the primary user and primary device links are not reliable and typically do not even show a result.


    I would like to get the column displayed first then get the associations working after this. We have always relied on this description field for user associations and System Center is somewhat a step back when compared to our previous asset management application.


    Thanks for any help that you can provide.


  2. So I am having similar issues that statemachine, SiD867, and Apur32 have all reported. Basically it appears that the ADR is running correctly but my Deployment Packages for my Widows clients are empty. Interestingly enough the Endpoint Protection ADR is running without a hitch (at least I think). I also notice that in the Software Library > All Software Updates section I can see that packages are processing but all but the Endpoint ones are listed as not downloaded and not deployed.


    I feel like this is a simple "you missed checking box A" problem but I have been trough the tutorials more than just a few times now and everything looks good.


    A direction to look in would be great.

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