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  1. normally if you are installing a server OS you would install it on hardware that is sold to be a server,


    have you tried installing the Windows VISTA chipset and network drivers for this HP ? the vista drivers should work just fine....





    finaly sorted its still have the exclamation mark but works.


    we went down on pain with this blody operating system.of corse who r thinking to jump on server 2008 and he is got server 2003 plese just stay with 2003 for a while.you dont have to migrate your server stay on ris or wds if you like.server 2008 has absolute diferent active directory trust and policies they r moor strickt than 2000 or 2003.so to setup ris or wds on server 2003 its moor straight than 2008.


    so hee is the solution for those who get this pain.if you no gonna beable to get run your server as dns and the active directory fail with error could not connect tothespecified dns and your dhcp from client not respond when you ping and same when you ping your dns.then ......


    you have to install 2003 and do upgrade to 2008 you can find in attachment the ris server 2003 setup i no gonna explain how to do this because its simple.so make shure you set this correctly then you have to prepare your server for upgrade.

    usualy the server works in mixed mode you need to change this to native mode.then you have to use your dvd and in source search for adprerp

    then you have to add the folowing command in command line:


    check your dvd rom drive for letter in my case was F:


    cd f:\sources\adprerp


    then adprep/ forestprep




    after this its take a bit time youhave to add the


    adprep/ domainprep


    after pressing enter if you not done the native mode change on active directory thrust ten you will see in command line warning so you must do to get finish domainprep correctly.if you running 2000 server you have to reise for server 2003 then you gonna beable to do the update.


    if this finish you can go head on to upgrade here is the link with pictures upgrade from server 2003 to server 2008



    so finaly we done the upgrad and the server start apply all the policies etc etc then dns dhcp active directory and wds are ok.


    dont forgot if you have previously set up images on your server 2003 you gonna loose this because wds on server 2008 understand just wim extention.so you have to get your image back to wds folder otherwise you gonna have error from wds on client pc image not faund..

    if you adding vista you just search for wim extention on the cd.if you would lik to add xp you have to create image via windows pe and deploy via imagex.


    so now again back to my blody issue the server works fine i can png the server via ip and the dns via name also i get response from dhcp and the active directory works.but when i reboot he server and i havent got client connected to server i get the exclamation mark with limited access.to get rid of this i just conneect client and try to join domain then the dns and the dhcp start working.or if you do twice F12 network boot this wake the server.don't ask me why i think is related to policies and also to ipmi if you havent got this on your server in device manager then you gonna be in que with me with the same issue.

    finaly we apply the sp2 and we using server.of corse on the begining with exclamation mark :rolleyes:

    there r so many way to do windows depoyment the cheapest is trough linux here is the link ris on linux


    thank you for reading









  2. Hi


    i am back again we still have this issue going on actualy i find Microsoft has issued some hotfix but the comment been removed from them website. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/956721/EN-US


    they made kb956721 in sp to resolve this issue


    Win Vista Enterprise 32bit AL: The DNS Client service and the NLA service crash intermittently in Windows Vista SP1 and in Windows Server 2008



    but this is not available any more on this link.


    i gonna be back soon with moor info.

  3. normally if you are installing a server OS you would install it on hardware that is sold to be a server,


    have you tried installing the Windows VISTA chipset and network drivers for this HP ? the vista drivers should work just fine....





    thank you for reply i hope i no disturb you.yep actually what you see on the screen that is vista based dualcore hp server i read few forums but this problem has few people on vista rc1 or rc2 also on few servers when they update the cpu to higher or update the ram they get this issue.

    for me it looks like when you playing with vga validation sometime when you change hardare you have to reactivate the licence.

    so maybe someting similar cause this problem.

    i also tried to disable the sense in registry.but nothing happend.also i disable installation verification procedure (ivp6) manualy and via registry.still the fault exist.

    my next step is to test on vista based server (enviroment)


    but i telling you i don't reccoment this software is peace of crap.i believe if microsoft developers gonna continue this way one day they gonna loose people trust because the life is not just about making money.of corse we all need some $ but also quality.


    i let you know how i am going.actually i have few friend who programming (open source)gpl. soon as i know what cause this we make some program to fix this and i believe so many people gonna be happy till microsoft no gonna sreew up again something with service pack.


    see you again

  4. if you click on the network card icon what error does it say ?





    we find another probleme with this peace of ... from microsoft server 2008 standard.

    i went down to visit my friend who has cna level so he cannot go wrong he find the same as me hp xw 6000 is not compatible with this server version because the intel chipset driver supported just for xp.

    we have did several different server installation but when the server identifying network it locks up because the unidentified network.

    also we tried several way of setup the network but soon as the server rebooted and the client pc is disconnected from the switch we got the limited acces on the server also we did on static hub where we was able to ping the server also from server the client.but again when we reboot the server we get back to the same stage.


    we install server 2000 and server 2003 r2 and sbs server 2003 all works perfect.


    my question is just why microsoft did make this silly operating system if don't work.why this server 2008 if is set as domain controller it won't show up with connected icon when is plugged to the switch or hub.


    we folow all the rooles it shows up without errors in server rooles but we still get limited acces on the network card.

    i did contact microsoft and they sad i need to have latest hardware,but again i believe is to silly to swap some nice 2 year old server like a socks.


    did enyone know the answer? i bet no one...i add the printscreen



  5. if you click on the network card icon what error does it say ?


    hi i find the probleme.


    for example on the computer with any microsoft operating system if we have a lan card and the properties on the ipv4 is set as optaine ip automaticly then if we connect this pc to switch we gonna get limited access.to resolve this is enough if we put static ip adresses then the connected 100mb shows up.


    so now if i do the same on the server jut change the ip to with and gateway and the dns i still have the limited acces.also what i realise if i do any change the network card to sign up with dynamic ip or static the change go trough quickly thats not right because normaly takes few secconds to 1 min to activate the new settings.but not for me.


    i think is the driver of the network card because when i do new installation, the server 2008 did not locate the driver for my server.i went to hp website where i find the driver for hp workstation xw6000 but this driver is for xp or windows2000 not longhorn or vista based.it works but not with full feature i think.


    the worst is if i see the admin panel where i got the roles dns dhcp active directory shows up without any probleme also the wds.just this silly limited acces stopping me now.


    do you have any idea for me i was thinking to get some vista compatible network card and disable the broadcom extremecard in the bios.

  6. if you click on the network card icon what error does it say ?




    the netvork icon on the taskbar near the clock has yellow triangle with exclamation mark if i go with mouse pointer cross this icon popup widow open with limited access word.the dns is perfectly configured also the static adresses and the name of server all correct i no doing this first time.i know i missing some point it reminds me when i use to do network on linux some wizards was crap you have to use the command line as root then the settings works.


    when i disconnect on the fresh installation without configuring anything like dns dhcp or active directory the lan cable from the switch then the network icon crossed like normaly when the cable is unplugged but soon as i plug the cable back the yellow triangle with exclamation mark show up. the duplex mode is set on auto i did try also half an full duplex on 10 and 100 mbit but still the same.


    i have connected the server to internet via rooter (standard dsl) then the icon disappeared and is connected, internet works.so the card works.

    even after configuring the dns and the static ip adress is the same fault.i have tried on hp also on ibm but same.

    can be some issue with dhcp or dns i am not sure but again how is possible the server not responding to or showing up like domain controller if all settings r correct.or my administrator account profile is like limited user profile.any idea? thanks

  7. if DNS is not working then AD will not work properly either, get someone who understands DNS to help you, because without working DNS, SCCM will not work.



    some mor news about this persist crazy failure.i did fresh installation of server 2008 standard start the server plug the ethernet cable to the switch and i got yellow exclamation mark on the network card icon with limited acces.this not change.i set the dns correctly name of server all the lookup forvarders etc etc same as how is all the time.i was even thinking maybe this software is not compatible with my server.after i set manually from dns to dhcp till active directory the problem still persist.if i do the sme on server 2003 all works from the first moment.i just thinking if enyone had crossed this probleme.

  8. if DNS is not working then AD will not work properly either, get someone who understands DNS to help you, because without working DNS, SCCM will not work.



    hi the probleme is with the steps. the wizards is not the best,sometime is best to folow the roles of standards (networking) with wizards you got ewerything default and even the backward and forwarders canbe set wrongly then bind translation dont work properly.i working on this now to create some how to do it file here for people like me(stupid) who see first time windows 2008.the proper dns work when is set correctly and also is 2 way with active directory or without.

  9. follow the steps outlined here to get WDS working in Windows Server 2008





    i just installed server 2008 on another server ibm e series and i folow your link but i have the sme probleme so i kow now is nothing with drivers dns no working also the active directory has failure.i just dont know why those ....people in microsoft no keeping standarts likein 2003 or in 2000 server was.

    i am gessing it maybe a probleme in binds and also in ip settings.after adding active directory correctly and dns i got on lancard dhcp and the dns is the loop adress i did the new scope but the dhcp works just the dns and the active directory not.

    do you have any idea how to doit on this vista alias longhorn based server 2008 standard how to doit?

    thank again

  10. follow the steps outlined here to get WDS working in Windows Server 2008






    sorry to disturb you again i just went trough the instalation again but after when i do the active directory services when i restart the server i see in roles 2 yellow exlamation mark one is near active directory domain services and another near the dns. and also down on the panel ner the clock where is the network icon i have the yellow exclamation mark if i go on this icon with mouse i see currently connected to something.local and the acces:Limited Connectivity so i am a bit pissed off there is must be some hardware issue or wrong driver.otherwise i canot see there probleme.this is not my first server but i know server2008 is based on vista its not my favorite.

    i was ok on 2003 and 2000 but this now going on my nervous few day.

    could you please give me some advice if you have experienced the same fault?

  11. follow the steps outlined here to get WDS working in Windows Server 2008





    hi yep i tried this and i have the same issue.thats why i write this post here otherwise i no gonna disturb people.

    i have tried firs time without activating licence i was think if i do wrong i may reinstall.it cost me 560£ i was tempted to give this on linux but the people who gonna use this they r not good on linux just on microsoft.ut even microsoft don't keep standart just some new style with user friendly base andthat cause theproblem sometime.i was thinking is this the driver problem or the switch houpfly i kick this in bools in few days.

    kind regards gigi

  12. hi i am sorry to disturb you guys with my probleme.i use to use ris and i have no problem to configure this from command line also from wizard.

    i have purchased windws server 2008 standard and i read the how to file then i find the graphic explanation here in windows noob.

    i have folow the settings like was on the website but after restart i realize nothng works.i have tried few times but stil the same.

    my quiestion is i would like to run wds on my server and also on that server gonna be the DNS and DHCP installed.loks like tere is some problem with dhcp and dns


    could you please provide som right direction. i hve 2 network card one gigabyte and one 10/100 3 com in the server.i have tried manually installing and configuing the dns dhcp and wds with the activ dirctory.


    thank you again for your time

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