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  1. Hi,

    We have upgraded from sccm2012r2 to 2012r2sp1, installation finished succesfuly but after it was done I started having some issues.

    Component Status -> SMS_OBJECT_REPLICATION_MAAGER status says Critical and under show messages i can see lots of 6004 & 620 entries.


    Object Replication Manager failed to process Object changes. These changes will be retried on next processing cycle.
    Solution: Review the previous status messages and logs for further clarification about this problem.

    Microsoft SQL Server reported SQL message 547, severity 16: [23000][547][Microsoft]

    [sql Server]The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "CI_CurrentRuleDetail_CIID_FK". The conflict occurred in database "CM_2", table "dbo.CI_CurrentRuleDetail", column 'Setting_
    Please refer to your Configuration Manager documentation, SQL Server documentation, or the Microsoft Knowledge Base for further troubleshooting information.



    Could someone please advice how to sort it out?




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