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  1. Hi everybody, I'm having a problem with wds and windows.old backup folder (and also with \programs files folder duplicated).

    I'm using wds on a windows server 2003 r2 to make and deploy images (vista and xp pro, x86) in a computer lab of my school.


    No problems with the deployment of a clean windows dvd image, because I can format the client's hard disk during the deploy operation, so I have a clean installation.


    I have some problems with the deployment of a custom image (I use to install the OS on a client pc, then I install all the drivers and appz, so I can prepare the image to be cloned and deployed with wds).

    when I deploy those images, after the deployment I obtain a duplicate of programs folder and a windows.old folder (with all the profiles, documents, etc), and (this one happens only with customized vista images, not with customized xp images) when the pc starts, I get a windows boot screen wich ask me to choose to starts vista or previous system (xp).

    If I choose nothing, vista starts, if i choose xp, the pc hangs because the old xp system is not present...


    how can I avoid this?

    I want a perfect image of a pc, without any backup folder and without boot screen!

    I think it's simply necessary to add a string to sysprep.ini with a format command...but I've found nothing on setupmgr.exe and sysprep.exe menu...

    can u help me?


    (sorry for my bad english, I'm italian and my english sucks...)

    thanks in advance!

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