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  1. Hi,
    hoping someone can point me in the right direction with this as been trying unsuccessfully for a while now.
    Some background:
    We started putting 1803 Enterprise out last year using media from the VLSC, then mid year we changed from using volume licensing with EA to taking out a M365 subscription through a CSP (dont ask why).
    I didnt see any point in changing the media we used for imaging at that time, as we plan running 1803 until 1909 is available. And after checking with licensing we can migrate all our existing stock with the VLSC licensed media that was available up to the point we ended the agreement.

    However, when we move to 1909 it should then be licensed with the M365 subscription. I also need to build some machines now that are going to go to the back of beyond, and be workgroup and unmanaged, so will be easier to havbe them on the subscription.

    Current issue:

    I have a workgroup machine, I logged in as administrator and joined the device to AAD, and verified that it had been fully AAD joined, I can login using an AAD only (or hybrid AD+AAD) account.

    I had not entered our VLSC key to the machine, so it was not activated. yet after doing the above it does not pick up the subscription activation. left it several days (just in case), with a few reboots over that time. the activation screen only ever gave me the option to change the key, tried the troubleshooter to see if that would help but no joy.

    Eventually gave in, and put the VLSC key in, hoping that after being activated that way, it may then switch something on somewhere, and pick up the subscription, no surprise it didnt.

    I know the M365 subscription and AAD groups/activation rights are all in place, as I downloaded media from office.portal and manually built a machine with that, AAD Joined, logged in with a AAD only account and it just worked, ie, machine activated, and shows as being activated by te subscription.

    Does anyone have any idea how I can get machines that have VLSC based media to activate/re-activate via the M365 subscription?

    thanks in advance

  2. Hi all,


    hoping someone can help me with this, we have multiple DP's sending large amounts of data TO the primary server, and I cant work out why this is happening.
    over the last 5 days, one of these DP's has sent approx 13 GB's of data, there approx 60 active machines on this site.


    our site structure is 1 x Primary, 6 x Secondaries (these are for regional breakdown) and 45 DP's distributed across the secondaries (though some are directly to the Pri).


    I wasnt sure if it could be from Hardware/software inventory, or s/w update deployment eval data. But the inventory data should go to one a secondary, not direct to the primary, and I have yet to work out how to track/measure te eval data.


    Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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