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  1. Yes. While each deployment type has its own content ID, you must update content for each deployment type if both deployment types use the same content source.
  2. Diffenrent to getting the version from a file, if you get a "version" from registry it is not a value type "version" but a value type "string". So you might be able to use the operand "greater than" but not "Between". And even "greater than" would not provide you the correct result in some cases. If you compare for example with In this case if you compare 2 values of type "version" will be greater than But if you compare these to valöues of type "string" then will be greater than so remind...Even if it looks like a version it is not a version it is a string and the operand "between" will not work. In your case I would prefer to switch to the corresponding file and use this in your global condition instead of registry key.
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