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  1. Hi,


    Location of updates on target device will be;


    On target devices c:\windows\ccmcache  


    On the server it'll be wherever you specified the updates package to be. I've setup a ADR which will automatically download Endpoint updates. on the d:\ drive. See screenshot. 


    Check both of these directories on the client and the server to see if anything current is being pushed through. 






  2. Hi,

    I've got a bit a problem deploying Endpoints onto clients. Using SCCM 2012 version 1511. I've setup an ADR to send the updates to clients. Site is set to synchronize in the evening and then the ADR rule will send out to the updates to the clients post sync.  By and large it works, however I'll get a number of clients fail. The amount is entirely random and the clients which fail are random. The majority of them will eventually succeed but it takes a while. 


    I was wondering if there were any settings I could tweak? Updates are being pushed out to remote and onsite machines. Failures occur on both. There's about 250+ machines which receive updates so not that much really. 

    At the moment, I'm contemplating upgrading to 1606, but I've only got the one server and would be loathe to rebuild should the update fail.


    Many Thanks,





    update log.png

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