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  1. hi there

    i changed the admin password and i cant anymore access the SCCM console , i tried reverting back with no luck , how can i overcome this issue please ?


    i dont want to lose my setup , the only thing is resetting the password on the user im logging to the SCCM server



    this is the error im facing :


    The ConfigMgr console could not connect to the ConfigMgr site database. Verify that this computer has network connectivity to the SMS Provider computer and that your user account has Remote Activation permissions on both the ConfigMgr site server and SMS Provider computers. For more information, see "How to Configure DCOM Permissions for Configuration Manager Console Connections" in ConfigMgr Help.




  2. the product id is visio


    i managed to have a silent installation with no issues using OCT

    my problem is silent uninstall i run based on this web http://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/cc178956.aspx#BKMK_uninstall


    i configured the config.xml file then specified the command line to uninstall using that config.xml file but it keeps asking me do you want to uninstall the product or not , i click yes and it just shows me the uninstall process then done


    why ??? whats wrong , its not reading the config.xml as far as i see :(


    any help please



  3. do you see the background that shows when applying the TS , the SCCM background with orange and white ? that is the one that appears after deployment , i checked all the above and there isnt anything i customized so far its just straight forward deployment :o

  4. the logs are clean and the user is a domain admin

    this is happening in every deployment i do :( the TS went successful for sure and the OS is deployed but as mentioned with the SCCM background and the join isnt working so its 2 problems im facing


    any help please would be great


  5. hi there

    what is the best practice for the following :


    1) i have 20 apps that will be targeted to different computers in different departments as an example comp A will have 3 apps , and comp b will have 5 APPS including the ones on comp A , comp C will have 7 different apps and so on , how to categorize , whats the best and most efficient way so that i wont create alot of packages or programs ...etc


    2) i have lets say office 2003 and i wana upgrade it to 2010 , is it necessary to uninstall 2003 then install 2010 or just install 2010 and it will wipe 2003 ...etc , my problem is if i wana repair that APP do i need to have a different package with different switches ? cant i combine the same app with the switch of uninstall , repair and install all at once ?

    if i wana install winrar then uninstall it in a later stage then repair for another will i need 3 different packages for that ?





  6. now i did a task media , ran it on one of the computers to have a capture image , of course that computer MUST BE in a workgroup in order for the task media to work correct ?


    i took the capture successfully , picked in the TS install an existing OS and walked in the wizard , didnt add any additional stuff to the TS , deployed successfully and faced the following :


    1) the computer wasnt joined to the domain at all ! it kept in the workgroup

    2) the computer has a background of SCCM



    why ???


    how to fix them please , this is the 5th client i did deployment for with the same issues mentioned above , i dont know whats wrong :(

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