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  1. Building the reference  Image with MDT
    Looking to permanently customize corp wallpaper and lock screen in the reference image.

    I found a lot of scripts and methods to do so, however I was hoping that using the MDT $OEM$ folder will do the trick for me but it does not. Any advice on the topic?

    My $OEM$ folder is set this way:

    all images replace with my company's as well as the Img0


  2. I prefer the old Niali look LOL. Garth is right, no chance beating Lia, but anyway...
    Gettin gold but no plans to retire anytime soon due to SCCMiatis AKA SCCM addiction, travel by foot die hard. Will hike and deploy anything I can.

    Cheers to a great site!!



  3. You can pre-cache without the feature being enabled. once you have completely finalized the TS,  set the the TS to be required and available now and and mandatory deadline deploy even 20 years from now. It will start pre-caching, and you can then deploy the exact same TS on schedule, say a week from today, it will use what's in the cache. Any changes you make will cause it to re-cache.

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