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  1. Hi,


    I have upgraded SCCM from 1802 to 1902 and Applications no longer install within the Task Sequence has anyone else experienced this?

    I am also having issues with PXE:

    RequestMPKeyInformation: Send() failed.

    PXE::MP_InitializeTransport failed; 0x80004005

    PXE::MP_LookupDevice failed; 0x80070490

    PXE Provider failed to initialize MP connection. 
    Element not found. (Error: 80070490; Source: Windows)


    PXE has been reinstalled on the DP Several Times looks like more of a MP issue though

    Any Help will be much appreciated. (I have logged a ticket with MS premier Support)





  2. Hi All, 

    Sorry if this is has already been discussed,

    I look after a global SCCM Environment, 1 CAS Server, 2 Primary Sites and 40+ Distribution Points.


    Some of our clients in the US are unable to retrieve policy due to a Time Sync with the primary site.

    SMSTS.log on an affected client states the following:

    Failed to get Client Identity (80072ee2)

    SyncTimeWithMP() failed 80072ee2

    Failed to get time information from MP: http:\\xxxxxxxxxxxx 

    The US Primary Site is set to UTC Eastern Time -05:00. Clients with timezone UTC Pacific Time -08:00 seem to be affected.

    How can i support both timezones?




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