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  1. I'm in the same boat trying to understand how app-v integrates into SCCM - only config I am seeing is relating to: Enabling the DP for streaming

    And deploy the App-v client to the SCCM clients


    What about the SCCM server itself does it require any additional App-V server installed but is managed via the SCCM console? Or is the functionality built into SCCM?

    What additional pre-reqs, requirements or configs are there on the SCCM Primary box - other than the App-V client being installed on workstations?


    I understand a sequencer environment will need to be available separately for the apps to be packaged - which are imported into SCCM for it to then have the Virtual App SCCM wrap applied to it.


    Could someone please clarify and not post a link which takes me to a bunch of white papers..

    You do not need an extra App-V server if you use the traditional SCCM method to distribute App-V sequences. It is managed via the SCCM console, using the xml-file which you get from the App-V sequence. You also need to enable "Allow virtual application package advertisement" under Site Management -> Site -> Site Settings -> Client Agents -> Advertised Programs Client Agent.

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