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  1. I haven't checked this HTA for a while now as it's based on Configuration Manager 2007, I have a Configuration Manager 2012 version of this task sequence below

    which does indeed partition a blank hdd when needed in the following group




    so, are you using CM12 or CM07 ?





    Thanks so much for replying Niall.

    It turned it I was not using toolkit step in one of steps that was causing my failures.

  2. try restarting the SMS_Executive service, does it work then ?

    Thanks Niall, I did try it but did not work.


    I was able to fix it by doing the following
    - From user account properties in AD , Selecting the UPN from drop down which is used in Windows Intune.
    - Removing user from Windows Intune group from Windows Intune Portal.


    Thanks again for creating such amazing easy to follow guides !!!

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  3. I am having issues with reporting services , No reports are showing up in the console. SQL reporting services is configured . I checked the srps installation log and installation was successful.

    There are three DB's ReportServer , ReportServerTemp ( as of SQL reporting services configuration) and SCCM2012 DB.

    It complains that SQL reporting services is not running.


    I reconfigured the Reporting services as mentioned in the post by creating a reportuser but when I open http://sccm2012/Reports , I dont see reports folder and when internet explorer is opened with run as admininstrator option.

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