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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Windows Noob family! I am attempting to a very basic, nothing crazy refresh from windows 8.1 to windows 10 using SCCM with MDT. I am doing a user driven installation with the latest ADK installation. I create a standard User Driven task sequence. Under the capture user state step I have Capture all user profiles by using standard options selected, with verbose logging and Copy by using file system access - checked continue if some files cannot be captured and capture locally using hard links. Then under Restore User state I am using Restore all captured user profiles with standard options. When kicking off the task sequence from within the OS, I have no trouble managing the wizard... which reboots me into WinPE and begins the image. I watch it run the USMT package which "Processes the User State". When the image is done, the user profiles are not restored, altho - all the data is still there under C:\StateStore. I can browse through that folder and see all the user profiles that were backed up, and all the content is there. It just appears to be skipping, or failing? On the Loadstate portion... I cannot find any scanstate / loadstate logs - and the SMTS.log files don't appear to display any errors. Any thoughts from the gurus here? Thank you!
  2. Hi, I'm trying to make a refresh task sequence with Windows 10. It's working fine when you make a refresh from Computer1 to the same but renamed Conputer2. Unfortunately if i make a refresh keeping the same computername nothing is restored. Thanks for your help
  3. Hi there Hopefully someone can help me out here. I plan on using a custom UDI Task Sequence to deploy a particular software package in our organization. The reason why a Task Sequence is been used is that we want to able to allow local admins/users choose the language of the software package that gets installed. I actually have it working already where, depending what a user chooses in the UDI, triggers a Task Sequence variable to run and install the particular language that the user had chosen. This works just fine and will probably suffice for our needs but i was hoping to add some more logic into the TS so that it would detect the OS language that the user has and then have the equivalent language of the software package already selected when they reached the the selection screen. As an example, if a user happened to have a Japanese OS, then when they came to the selection screen for the software package, the Japanese version would be automatically selected. I have already done something similar in the past with an OSD scenario (using CustomSettings.ini) where the default gateway IP determines what the timezone, keyboard settings, etc are automatically selected but what i'm trying to attempt right now is a "refresh" scenario, i.e., the TS will run inside the Windows OS and not PE. Anyone have any ideas on this? Thank you.
  4. Hi All I am stuck where i am unable to migrate the Computer name in a bit locked environment .Here is the details . I am following this post http://blogs.technet.com/b/jimriekse/archive/2013/09/23/usmt-5-in-the-configuration-manager-2012-task-sequence.aspx and is unable to migrate the computer name ,OU etc the three options of capture windows settings .My data is getting recovered but the association of the name in AD and SCCM changes and the new name MININT-PPXXXX is named for the refresh PC. I am not starting the tasksequence from software center instead I am suspending the bitlocker manually and then doing a F12 PXE boot and selecting my refresh offline TS.Now i am getting the data but windows settings like name and other three options are not getting migrated. I know network setting cannot be migrated but i have read on technet that windows settings can be captured in winpe Any help would be appreciated .Thanks
  5. Hello All, I am curious how you get a failed OSD advert to rerun in 2012. I want to be able to assign roles to our satellite offices so that they can refresh their PCs by moving them into a "refresh" collection. However i am trying to figure what the steps would be for them to rerun the advert if the OSD fails. The deployment is set to rerun if failed previous attempt. Is there a way for them to rerun the advert without deleting/recreating the deployment? In my test I tried removing/re-adding the machine from the collection, but that doesn't seem to have kicked off the rerun. Any help would be appreciated. Mike
  6. Hi, Upgraded SCCM to versions R2 and MDT Refresh task sequence starts to fail when started from XP. Does anybody have successfully launched Task Sequence from XP, Task Sequence fails to restart to Windows XP. So, the main question is, anybody succeeded performing Refresh from XP with SCCM 2012 R2? Thanks.
  7. I'm having trouble trying to refresh a computer from system center. I've been able to pxe boot and image this same laptop using the same task sequence. When I select the task sequence under "Installation Status" in Software Center and select reinstall, I get an error that the software could not be found on any servers at this time. Checking the cas log, I see "The number of discovered DPs(Including branch dp and multicast) is 0. Ok, so some content is not on the DP. But what? The lines directly above the error read: Requesting locations synchronously for content Content_b500a902-4f5b-463f-ab6d-27857ad49f20.1 with priority Medium ContentAccess 6/12/2013 11:37:03 AM 5552 (0x15B0) I was expecting a package ID number, but instead I got Content_b500a902-4f5b-463f-ab6d-27857ad49f20.1 How can I use that info to track down the content that it's looking for and can't find?
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