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Found 17 results

  1. Hi Guys, I just finished installing 1 Primary and 4 Secondary Sites. I have all the Boundaries setup properly using Forest Search and IP Subnet Boundaries for corresponding Secondary Sites. When I look at my Devices I can see 750 devices which all assigned to Primary site instead of they assigned in to their own Site. My questions: 1- Is this normal? 2- When we deploy package or OSD those clients set to My Primary Site will they download the content from Primary Site or Their Own Site?? Capture 4 picture Shows the DLC Site Client Push Settings... Regards, Gokhan
  2. I have been tasked to make a change to a currnt SCCM Env', at present they have Primary site - Severs only are managed here and the server support team mange the whole environment we are looking to add secondary site - this will be used to manage the workstations, a team of EUC sepport will manage the devices, but will have no access to the primary site. The SCCM will soo move to Co-Management the comapny does not want to move to CAS will a primary site do what we want, i have heard that in Co-Management the secondary site cannot be managed from its MP but only from the primary site any advice guys?
  3. Clients in secondary site showing only 2 actions, unable to get policy Primary Site working fine. Cas.log error CacheConfig::InitializeFromWmi - GetSWDistSiteSettings failed with 0x80004005. Default site settings will be used PolicyAgent.log "Skipping request for user policy assignments due to agent configuration for authority 'SMS:" CAS.log PolicyAgent.log
  4. Hi everyone, Currently, our company has 2 sites(Site A, site B)in different locations, and we already setup 1 SCCM 2012 R2 server in site A which as a primary server to deploy software, OS, patches to all PCs in 2 site. So my boss wanna build one more server to reduce its resource requirements and improve its performance as well as to load balance the potentially significant network traffic generated by clients downloading package source files. I found out 2 solutions: Solution 1. Setup one distribution point in Site B, so boundary group in site B will get applications, patches content from this new DP, and boundary group in site A still get a content from old one. So if I distribute 1 application contents from DP A to DP B, will PCs in site A will get software content from DP B? For example: In SCCMconsole, I select Winzip, click distribute content, then select DP B, so the PCs in site B can be deploy Winzip quickly right now, but how about PCs in site A, it will deploy from DP B as well, make it slowly, how can I get rid of this issue? Solution 2. Setup 1 secondary SCCM server in Site B, but with this solution, do I need to build 1 more server for central administration site(CAS), thus need 3 servers for SCCM(1 CAS, 1 primary, 1 secondary), is it possible if I just create secondary site without CAS? Actually we just have 400 PCs , no need to build hierarchy with CAS. I'm new in SCCM, so I don't know how to fulfill the requirement, pls advise Thanks so much.
  5. Hey Guys / Niall - I recently started in a new position to help implement and advise on SCCM 2012 (1511) as well as the setup of all features including converting them from using imaging to OSD, Application deployment, Software Updates, etc - at least all the basics except for Forefront. Quite a task, but sounds fun to me. I learned something today which I'm questioning so wanted to post and get opinions. I've implemented SCCM in about 5 production environments before and for each one; have had at least a distribution point at each local site. If a site didn't have one; it was understood that they would only experience limited support. Today, I found out that our multiple point site will only have a total of 3 DPs - and - they were told this would be ok by Microsoft - even for using OSD at each one. Microsoft's Recommended Plan The ~30 locations are spread out around the country. Each of these 30 locations connects to one of 3 datacenters via various speeds of connection like T1, 500k, (some fast, some really slow). I was told that "Microsoft advised" that it would be ok for them to create a distribution site (they are actually doing secondary sites) in each of the 3 datacenters. The primary server (4th site server) is offsite from the corporate office in a datacenter that we have a 100mb connection to. Overall I understand that having a 100mb connection to the primary may not be the worst thing ever for doing something like OSD if only running 1-2 at a time, but cannot imagine supporting OSD at all 30 of these locations with the setup above - even with BranchCache - not to mention all other services. So - what are your thoughts? Am I just crazy to think this or do you believe we have a problem on our hands? Thanks Guys!
  6. Hi guys We have on our primary site a SCCM Server, which is installed on a Windows Server 2012 R2. On this server is Microsoft SQL Server 2012 with SP1 installed. We have also an secondary site. Which has installed the Microsoft SQL Express 2012 on it (without any Service Pack). When I want to upgrade the SQL Express on the secondary site to Service Pack 1, what should i pay attetion. What I already did is - I have downloaded the SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe on following url: http://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=35579 My question is: How can I upgrade the SQL Express on the secondary site: - Do I have the upgrade over the primary site? - Can I run the download EXE file on the secondary site while running system or do I have first stop some services? I hope you can help me. Thank you in advance.
  7. Hi , I am running into a issue when I try to deploy the task sequence to install operating system from secondary server. Here is my issue : In our environment we have 1 primary and 6 secondary site. Initially we built the primary site and tested the OS deployment . It went well without any issues . As the primary site is working fine we have configured other secondary sites . So I wanted to test the deployment s from Secondary server . For this I have changed the DHCP option 66 value to my secondary server IP. When I PXE boot the computer , I can see that the client is contacting the secondary server . This is the message I see on the client computer screen Contacting server : xx.xx.xx.xx TFTP download : smsboot\x64\abortpxe.com PXE boot aborted , booting to next device As the error is generic and was not much helpful , I checked SMSPXE.log in secondary server it says no advertisements found . I have attached SMSpxe.log . I have enabled PXE & Unknown computer support on secondary server . All the content is available on secondary site DP . I have restarted WDS service several times but it is of no use . I have tried this on 2-3 machines assuming the machine MAC id was stored in SCCM database . on every machine it is the same behavior . This is happening only with secondary server . If I change the option 66 value back to my primary server IP , the same deployment is working fine . I am struggling to find the cause for this behavior . Does any one has any idea on where should I look to resolve this problem or to dig deeper Thanks in Advance , Kishore SMSPXE.log
  8. If I wanted to remove a single server Secondary Site, but leave a DP in the same physical office, how would I do that? What I think I want to do is create a new Distribution Point Group, put the existing server, SS1 in the DPG, create a new Distribution Point, DP2, put DP2 in the DPG, let everything replicate to DP2, then remove SS1 and the Secondary Site itself. Obviously I still need to get clients assigned to the correct Content Server and Site via Boundary Groups, but that won't be a big deal.
  9. In our organization, at the moment we have one primary site, two secondary sites and 8 distribution points (these 8 dist. points are for 8 sites other than the 3 primary&seconday sites). Due to the chatter and bandwidth limitations 8 distribution sites are not the most feasible set up any longer. My question is, that is it possible to "convert" the 8 distribution ponits to secondary sites without deleting the distribution points completely and commisioning the sites from ground up? and if it is possible to do so, is this "coverting" or "turning" a dist. point to a Sec Site recommended? What is the best practice/ideal solution? Thanks
  10. I'm planning to install a secondary site server in my SCCM 2012 SP1 hierarchy and wanted to know if I should install the SQL Express(which installs by default) or install a new instance of SQL server 2012 enterprise? My primary site server is currently running remotely on SQL Server 2012 SP1. Thanks, Paul
  11. Hello, I searching for a way to move the sql database of an secondary site to my partition D:. Currently, my database is stored on Partition C: like default but I running out of space on this partition and can not clean up space anymore. I googled arrount but did not found a proper solution for it The way i found was like follow: 1.Stop site server using (Configuration Manager site installation folder)\bin\X64\00000409\preinst.exe /STOPSITE 2.On SQL Server for SCCM DB a. Detach CM_(Site Code) b. Move both files (mdf and ldf) c. Attach CM_(Site Code) to new SQL Server run the following stored procedure as a query: sp_configure ‘clr enabled’,1; reconfigure. d. Enable common language runtime (CLR) integration e. Verify SCCM Site servers are Local Administrators on the SQL server f. Add the site server system account as login account with admin rights to SQL 3.On SCCM Server a. Run Configuration Manager Setup Wizard using Setup.exe from (Configuration Manager site installation folder)\BIN\X64\setup.exe. Not from install media- you won't have the same options. b. Choose site maintenance or reset site c. Select Modify SQL Server configuration d. After wizard finishes restart SCCM site server e. In SCCM console update the properties of the Reporting Services Point role to use the SCCM Databse on the new server. Administration>Servers and Site System Roles>Pick the server with the Reporting Services Point Role>Pick Reporting services point>Right click and choose properties>Change Site Database Server name. Link http://smsimpossible.blogspot.de/2012/09/how-to-move-databases-for-sccm-2012.html When I try to run setup.exe on secondary site all options are greyed out. I also tried to use setup.exe of installation folder on Main site where I can select Site Maintenance. But when I want to connect to my SQL database on the secondary site I get an error message: "configuration manager site require a supported sql server version...*" I don't have a clue why this happens. I used the feature of automatically install sql server on secondary site. Could be the problem that this only works with SQL Standard instead of express which will be used by pushing installation of secondary site over Console? I would appreciate any kind of help! Thanks Staudi
  12. Hello, We have a site with two MP's, one used for a DMZ (behind fire wall) and one for the production environment. When installing the SCCM client for the production computers they connect to the correct MP but then quickly change to the wrong MP behind the firewall. MS explained that all MP's for a site are listed and the SCCM client choose one of them and then tries to connect. Then it tries another. Our problem is that it takes hours before the client changes MP again and it doesn't stay connected to the correct more than a couple of minutes. This causes the client not to register ok with the site and it doesnt receive the policy ok. Boundaries are ok and boundarie groups points to the correct MP. What could cause this issue and how could we solve it? Would a secondary site setup for our DMZ MP behind the fire wall solve this or would our production clients still try to connect to the DMZ MP? Any help would be appreciated! /Sam A.
  13. Hi All. I need some urgent assistance with SCCM and Parent-Secondary Site Servers. In SCCM, there is a Parent Server and different Site Servers. The Site server was replaced with a new server and instead of Re-Downloading the packages again from the Parent SCCM Server, I copied all the .PCK files from the old Site Server to the new Site Server into the SMSPKG Folder. Once this is done, the Site Server is not getting the Packages Info from the Parent Server. I tried the following: 1. Tried using the PreInst.exe command on the Parent SCCM to Re-Sync the Site Server. It did run successfully but nothing happened. 2. Tried using the PreLoadPkgOnSite.exe Tool and it gave error: Failed to get specified package in the database. Please check if you have Instance rights to that package. I have added the user in the Security in SCCM and also given Explicit Package Instance privileges. 3. I have noticed that not all the .pkg files are present in the folder ..SMS\inboxes\distmgr.box. I am not sure if they are suppose to and how to get them in there if they are missing. There are a few .pkg files and when I run the tool I get the error: Failed to get the Compressed file of the Package. When I try and redistribute the package from the Parent to that Site, it sits in Install Pending forever and doesn’t push the package to the Site. Please help. I have checked so many google pages but still issue not resolved. Thanks.
  14. Hey guys. Im trying to install a secondary site (working with SCCM 2007 R3) which is in a different subnet than its primary. Now the initial setup completes fine (i've checked the configmgr setup log). but then the site remains in peding state. so i check the sender log and this is what I see over and over: sender.txt also i checked the despooler and i see this over and over:despooler.txt So, im confused because i can connect via RDP to the primary server, and i can ping the primary server with its FQDN, so clearly there is something wrong somewhere. i have tried before to manually exchange keys en control file. and then the site did turn active. but i could not push anything to the site because there was still that communication error. then i deleted the secondary site and build it up again but same error, same problem. need help with this!
  15. I'm having a real issue with setting up my secondary site proxy management points. I've searched the topics and it seems that there seems to be many people with my error but each suggestion does not seem to solve my problem. I thought I had it with the webdav xml file. I made the changes and the errors went away but came back the next day. Error I'm getting in console: SMS Site Component Manager failed to install this component, because the designated Web Site of Internet Information Services is not running or started. Possible cause: The designated Web Site is in the Stopped or Paused state. Solution: Start the designated Web Site using the Internet Services Manager. Possible cause: The World Wide Publishing Service is in the Stopped or Paused or Disabled state. Solution: Start the World Wide Publishing Service on the machine. SMS Site Component Manager cannot install component SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER until the designated Web Site is started. Refer to your SMS documentation or the Microsoft Knowledge Base for further information. I also attached the MP log. mpMSI.log
  16. I ran into a situation where I had to reinstall a secondary site. The site was deleted and the installation folder on the target server was removed as well. I then ran through the process to re-install the site from the primary site server and now the secondary site will not communicate properly. When looking through the confirmgrsetup log on the secondary site server the following error is being shown "Failed to set security on SQL Server registry key. Error: 2". The secondary site login was verified and even recreated on the SQL server. A web search turned up an article referring to non-existent registery paths for SMS_AMT_PROXY_COMPONENT and Asset Intelligence KB Manager. These two key were manually created, but the error is still being produced and the secondary site server is still failing to update the primary site server of its status. Is a reboot of this server necessary to complete this setup? Any other ideas to assist with this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Stan
  17. Hello! I have a branch office, where i have a RODC. And i have for the first time installed a secondary site, on this server (SCCM 2007 SP1), the roles installed are: Component server, DP MP PXE point Site server SIte sytem. I installed this a few days ago to be able to install the SCCM client on the computers to get reports working etc. And it seems to work OK! I am going to this office next week, and one of the tasks while im there is to confirm that the SCCM works, OSD etc. But i am not sure that the OSD etc will work, how can i confirm from the headquater that the OSD works? I dont have wake on lan and i dont have a local machine in the branch office that i can test to send a OSD to. Is there any step that you guys have found tricky when configuring OSD in a secondary site? I have checked so all the Package that's needed for the OSD is on the secondary site DP. (I have done this manually, should i do the "Transfer Site Settings" to be sure or what is this function?) I have fixed all errors in the Site Status page so it's now green! What else can i do from here before i go there? And anything that i should have in mind when i go there? Thanks! /Sheik
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