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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all Currently preparing for the 1710 upgrade from a previous version. According to MS, it's advisable to upgrade ADK on site servers beforehand. Currently running ADK 1607 (10.1.14393.0) and our default Production Boot Image is located in the ADK installation folder. I'm supposing that if/when i upgrade ADK to 170x that this default boot image would get overwritten, is that a correct assumption? If it is, any ideas of what i can do to prevent or remediate this? I don't want to have a situation where the we upgrade to 1710 and immediately afterwards, PXE/USB boot media no longer works due to missing PE drivers (our current boot image has a bunch of PE drivers added to it). Any thoughts from anyone? Thank you
  2. Hello All, Hope everyone is doing good. I am facing issue while importing the boot images or modifying the existing boot images post upgrade to SCCM CB from sccm 2012. We have recently upgraded from SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 to SCCM CB 1606 and then immediately to 1702. We have ADK v1607 and MDT 1443 installed on the primary server and upgrade went well w/o issue. Now I need to insert network drivers into our existing boot wims but every attempt add/remove modify boot wim is failing. Even I can not import any new boot wim directly into sccm console using MDT and SCCM add boot image wizard. The error I get when I use Add Boot Image wizards is : The specified file can not be imported. Make sure the file is not read only and you have read write access to it. I have followed below article including external links mentioned in that but of no help and I am still cursed with the error. https://www.windows-noob.com/forums/topic/12956-cant-add-boot-image-2012-r2-sp1-with-adk10/ Any help is highly appreciated. SO far I have done below but not of much help: 1) Restarted WMI service on server 2) Repaired ADK v1607 on Server and restarted the server 3) Used DISM to import drivers and optional components manually and then try to import boot image 4) Use MDT wizard for importing boot image 5) Installed ADK v1703 on admin PC and tried to import boot images 6) Have created fresh repository to store the sccm content for packages and have given Everyone - Full share permission and appropriate (FULL) NTFS permission to SYSTEM, Local Admins, SCCM Admins, SCCM Primary Server Computer account as well. 7) Checked SMSProv.log but unfortunately it captures nothing about this issue as I suspects issue with SMSProvider whihc is same Primary server. The SMSProv.log capturing only logs of incremental collection evaluation and nothing else.
  3. After upgrading to 1511 and ADK win10 and running the patch kb314370, F12 a client and get "No boot file name available". Cannot get F8 to open a cmd prompt for support logs either, yes it is enabled. Both the new (x86 and x64 from ADK) boot images are distributed and have WinPE 10 drivers. PXE is enable and advertised by the DT. SMSPXE.log on the server is not even being populated. Previous to this upgrade, we could PXE boot, now we can't. Thank you for any help! KACouillard
  4. So every time I inject drivers into my x64 boot image, it ends up getting renamed. And it's done this several times before, apparently. If I browse to \\sccm\SMS_GSU\OSD\boot\x64, the boot image will be named "boot.GSU00002.wim". I will right-click on a driver in the driver store, tell it to add to the boot image, check the box to update the distribution point when finished, and when all is said and done the file will then be named "boot.GSU00002.GSU00002.wim" and the boot image entry in SCCM is now pointing at a file that doesn't exist. This has happened several times and it keeps tacking on a "GSU00002" to the boot file name every time. Anyone have an idea of what's going on?
  5. Ok, I'm slightly confused (read: very). My environment is as follows (simplified). One primary SCCM server (SVR-SCCM) W2K8r2 with SCCM 2007r3 that is also the PXE server for our Main Office. This site has been doing OSD perfectly. One Remote site (SVR-SITE1) that has it's own subnet, DC (with DHCP), and is a BDP. The Boot Image has been successfully pushed to the remote site. I'm remotely PXE booting machines to do OSD. Here are my steps (simplified) 1) Boot remote computer 2) F12 for boot options 3) Choose "Boot from Onboard NIC" 4) F12 for Network Boot 5) Remote machine pulls wdsnbp.com from the PXE server (this takes about 10-15 minutes remotely) 6) Remote machine pulls boot.wim from PXE server (900 mb file, takes forever) 7) Brings up TS selection wizard Now, Step 6 is what I need assistance with. Am I able to have that boot.wim pull from my BDP? Or can that boot.wim ONLY be pulled from a PXE server? (This is the boot.wim that is in my ConfigMgr Admin Console under OSD->Boot Images.) I'm fairly certain that this should be pulling the boot.wim from the BDP, but I'm not sure. And if that is the case, what steps can I take to troubleshoot it and figure out why it is not pulling from the local BDP? TIA, Erik
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