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  1. Hi everyone I have deploy in some time no problems, I have SCCM 2007 R3. In OSD -> Task Sequence -> Windows 7 2012 Fall -> inside of that TS -> References -> Type: Software package; Name MDT 2010 Files; Package ID NUK00014; Version 1.00 that "MDT 2010 Files" is in SD -> Package -> OS Installation -> MDT 2010 Files and the DP is okey i can find it. when I deploy OS now i choose Task Sequence Wizard and choose "Windows 7 2012 Fall" and its start to deploy but stops and tells me that this Package "NUK00014" is inaccessible even its looks okey, last week i can deploy with no problems has anyone got suggestions ?-) thanks in advance
  2. Hei all, I am having a truly strange experience with our SCCM2012 server and a OSD to some desktops. Now, if I had just started with them I would have thought that I had the incorrect driver, but thats not the case here. About a month back I started to configure replacement client desktops for the students. These machines would be going to the library, an intense environment for data. So to make things simple for myself, I took some old HP dx2250 Athlon pc's, installed a new PCI Wifi card and imaged them from SCCM with Win7 x32. I have completed all of them, no problem. I then decided to expand on the usable machines and place several more in the common areas. First batch went well. But the second batch hit a hitch. When they were loading the WinPE environment, they repeatedly rebooted when the network drivers were been loaded. The machines are IDENTICAL in every way to the ones that had been imaged before. I tried booting them on different vlans, but the same issue happened on all. Finally I took one of them over to my work office to troubleshoot it and low and behold - it worked. I did no changes, just booted it from a different physical location. The vlans here are the same as in their previous location. And now things go really weird. I brought over the last 3 and two of them did the same as the first. But not the last. No matter what I try, I cannot get the WinPE environment to load past the network driver load. As mentioned before, the machine is identical to all the others that have been successful. Are there any logs that I can check to follow up or do any of you have any tips for me? Cheers & thanks in advance! Anthony
  3. Hello I run SCCM 2007 R3, we have these new machines from Lenovo and the Company has always using Lenovo. I was trying to deploy OS to new machines but it reboot the machine i never has this problem by it rebooting. So I tried another machine that is not new it doesnt reboot and starts deploy OS. the way i go it goes like this: with old machines starts the PC->press F12->choose network->press F12 again->the WinPE.wim loading->the logo of SCCM shows off and waiting->insert password->choose which OS to install->deploy OS->finish the way it goes wrong: with new machines starts the PC->press F12->choose network->press F12 again->the WinPE.wim loading->the logo of SCCM shows off and waiting->the machine reboot-> :wacko: can someone help me or have this problem, thanks in advance :D best regards Genie from Greenland
  4. Hi there I've a SCCM 2012 setup on two sites and on DP on each of them. I want to use the same Task Sequence to deploy Windows 7 on both sites and want the Task Sequence to put the computer into an OU that matches the site. I've tried several conditions to determine what site the computer running the TS is on, but with no luck. I'm currently using following WMI query: Select * FROM Win32_IP4RouteTable WHERE Destination='' AND NOT NextHop='' (The default gateway of the site WAR is so i simply do a "NOT" for site BAL) If I do a "Test query" it verifies it, and says that the machine matches the condition. Any suggestions?
  5. I have created a package in SCCM 2007 to deploy a software update. I have the package complete, updated distribution point, advertisement is working as it should to the clients. When the clients choose to install the program they error out and it says download is not available. I searched some logs and found an error code (error 0x800700ce)..Only thing i could find online was it had to do with the specified path is to long. And a fix offered...runing it from the server vs download and run locally did nothing. Please help. I need to get this software update deployed. Erik
  6. How can I test and see if my wim file is corrupt? I have been trying to load it in sccm and SCCM 2007 fails and I want to see what the problem is.
  7. I have been able to start an image I I have created. I get the F12 then PXE boot F12. I then Log in and select the new image I have created. The image kicks off fine but then I get a red X and the error: Task Sequence: (Image name) has failed with the error code (0x80070570). For more information, please contact your system administrator or helpdesk operator. I also then can not redo F12 and restart the process for testing. need some help.
  8. Whenever I create bootable media for any of my Task Sequences which were working there no longer is Task Sequence Wizard that comes up and ignores the whole process and the logs say that it found no "mandatory" assigned tasks so it quits. I have at least three deployments that are available, but it ignores it. I removed all the "unknown" devices to remove that possibility of it associating to those devices policies. Then I assigned it as mandatory and it works. Any insight would be great. I've tried recreating boot media, playing with Boundary groups, reassociating device collections/task sequences, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciate!!! Sincerely AnyNoob warbie smsts.log
  9. Hi All, Using SCCM 2012 RTM, I am looking for a simple report that will tell me whether a task sequence I've just applied to a machine was successful or not, with enough granularity to show whether individual packages or applications within the Task Sequence succeeded or failed. If I load up the out-of-the-box report called "All package and program deployments to a specified computer", it gives me information for a specific computer, but only shows whether the task sequence itself was successful or not, as shown in screenshot. Any more specific reporting ideas would be much appreciated! Daniel V Melbourne
  10. Question, so during my RC1 and RC2 labs I created a captured WIM file and I was wondering if I could copy that file (from my lab) and import it into my production SCCM server. Will this be viable option or is it better to start fresh?
  11. Could someone please provide some Global Condition examples? WMIs are pretty straight-forward, but Active Directory queries are not so easy... Trying to get Active Directory Group Membership as an condition for application deployment but just can't get it work...
  12. Hello all i have setup SCCM 2007 r3 in my Lab enviroment. I can get the software Deployment Working. I have Enabled Software Distrobution point, made the package and created the advertisement .. I have also made a small video of my Setup for show you where the problem is... My windows 7 client just sits there does nothing. Which logs can I check.to help me fin the problem... VIDEO http://youtu.be/WCpYlKntSvI
  13. Hello guys, This request is kind of special but this is due to the migration we are doing. In fact we are in an environment where two Active Directory trees are presents, one with SCCM 2007 the other with SCCM 2012. The thing is during the migration, the workstation has to change its domain to the one with SCCM 2012. However, my problem is that I need to boot in Windows PE from the SCCM 2007, then download the WIM image and the SCCM client from the SCCM 2012. Is there a way to do that? I think I basically need a script to change "the environment" during the Task Sequence. Thanks a lot If I wasn't clear enough, please do feel free to ask me questions.
  14. Hi, I am currently working in deploying Office 2010 to 1800 computers. I have created a package and a MSP file and all seems to be working great. The only problem is that when i run the install via SCCM the office 2010 progress bar does not appear but i run the setup.exe manualy it appears. I have configured the .msp to have basic display with supress modal and no cancel. The program for my package is set to Run: Normal, After Ruinning: No action required. The install runs succesfuly 95% of the time via SCCM but the business wants the customer to see a display of the installation progress so that they dont do something during the installation that might cause it to crash. Has anyone got any indeas about why this might be happening or any other ways of doing the roll out where the customers will get notified about the installation. Regards Scottyj82
  15. Hi, This is my first time posting in this forum so please forgive me if i have posted this in the wrong place. I am currently having a new issue (everything was working fine about 3 days ago but is no longer working), were collections dont seem to updating properly when running 'update collection membership'. Couple fo examples; a computer shows as no client installed, i install the client via the manual install (right click on computer and install client). The client installs on the computer but it doesn't show up in the collection that the client is installed. I run the update and refresh and nothing changers. Ill also tried running the software inventory cycle on the client itself but nothing changers. But when i come in the next day the client shows up as being installed. i just dosent seem to refresh during the day. Another example is when i add a security group to a computer for software installation it dosent appear in the collection. I run the 'run full discovery as soon as possible' in the active directory secuirty group discovery and see that it was succesful in the logs but nothing shows up in the collection. Once again overnight tho it seems to work. Both examples were working a couple of days ago. I did have a issue 2 days ago where the discovery was 'blind' to AD which i resolved by restarting the central sever but ever since then it hasnt seem to run properly. Does anyone have an ideas about what might be happening?? If you need any other infomation about this please let me know and ill see what i can get for you. Regards Scottyj82
  16. Good morning, I'm setting up a system based on this guide: http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1782-how-can-i-deploy-applications-based-on-ad-security-group-membership-for-computers-using-a-task-sequence/ Here's what I'd like to do: When I set up a computer association, I'd like SCCM to check what AD groups the old computer is a member of, and add the new computer to the same groups as part of the replace task sequence. That way, the migration would "migrate" the user's software along with user preferences and settings. Is this possible? The only way I've found is to write a powershell script that would copy a computer's AD groups. Would I need to write this script and have the replace task sequence run the script? The script would have to create the computer in AD and move the group settings. Thanks for any thoughts or ideas.
  17. Firstly I would like to say this site has been most helpful. Very simple question if an update becomes expired (goes grey) will the rest of the updates that are valid (green) still get deployed or does the whole deployment stop?
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