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  1. I have an SCCM 2007 infrastructure with two primary sites. I need to migrate both the sites to SCCM 2012. how do i go about it. I have already installed a parallel sccm 2012 site, specified the source hierarchy gathered data from the source hierarchy but now if i start migrating the collections and objects will it not bring all of them into a single sccm 2012 site.?? Assuming i migrate all objects from both the sccm 2007 sites to a single sccm 2012 site, how will i later put back the objects that belonged to the second site?? is it going to be done manually??
  2. Hi, We are currently migrating XP machines to Windows 7 Enterprise and would like to know if its possible to query the SCCM DB during OSD to install applications that are advertised to the machine? to ensure that after imaging all required software are installed instead of waiting. Regards, E'John
  3. Hello, First I would like to say how wonderful these forums are. This community has already helped me so much that I had to finally sign up. I look forward to participating in discussions moving forward. Today I have a question of my own. I have worked with SCCM for a few years now doing OSD and package deployment and just began building my first SCCM 2007 server at a new company. I took a class dedicated to SCCM 2007 and thought I asked all the right questions but want to verify my migration from SMS 2003 to SCCM 2007 is sound. All Windows XP machines are deployed and managed by SMS2003 at a single AD site. My plan has been to deploy Windows 7 and thus SCCM 2007 configmgr through SCCM2007. As we migrate to Win7 so will the client agents. So I will NOT be upgrading the SMS2003 clients, and the SMS server is NOT a child of the SCCM server (I don’t need any data from it). Both servers have a different site code so as far as I am concerned they are two completely separate environments (which is what I prefer). The only issue I could see is both servers share the same site boundary. The schema in AD has been extended for both SMS and SCCM. I only push the client out during the OSD deployment so they do get the correct site code automatically. The clients get approved automatically (I have had an issue with one or two in testing so far). Will SMS or SCCM clients have unstable communication? It will be difficult to create separate sites as we need to deploy Win7 to test users in different subnets that will overlap with SMS clients. I would prefer not to migrate the winXP machines to the SMS 2007 server. The entire migration should be complete in 6 months. Thank you for your time, Rick
  4. Hi there! So this is the case: I have an "old" SCCM2007+FEP server. This server is taking its last breaths and I wish to migrate it over to a new virtual host. How/What is the best practice on how to do this? Is there any way to just install the clean server from scratch - then migrate all settings over? Any pointers on this subject is more than welcome!
  5. Hello,I need to migrate arround 1300+ computers from XP to Win7.On Windows XP we have 3 Systems partitions C: - D: - E:On Windows7 we have only 1 partitions C:What I need is :For Scanstate : ( We need to backup all data ) Rerouting File from C:\ to %public%\MIGRATION\Backup-C-DriveRerouting File from D:\ to %public%\MIGRATION\Backup-D-DriveRerouting File from E:\ to %public%\MIGRATION\Backup-E-DriveRerouting ALL PSTs from C: - D: - E: to Rerouting File from C:\ to %public%\MIGRATION\Backup-OutlookRerouting ALL CLSID_MYDOCUMENTS, CLSID_Desktop, CLSID_MyVideo, CLSID_MyPicture to C:\Users\%username%\DocumentsAnd for Loadstate I need the same but I need to exclude some files extensions from restore.Here is a part of my configuration XML file for Scanstate. The problem is ... The excluded file is restored everytime ...When I Look on C:\Users\Public\MIGRATION\Backup-E-Drive I see *.avi *.jpeg etc.... but it's excluded on the Config file.What I want in bref is ALL Files is backuped on Scanstate and All files is restored on Loadstate exept the Extensions in the <exclude><exclude> is not full because if I put all extensions I can't send this threadHow I can do this ? Someting is wrong ...
  6. I’m definitely a NOOB, so please bear with me. I've inherited a SCCM 2007 R2 server which had two previous administrators and has already been through an upgrade from SMS to SCCM 2007. It is currently on a 1003 R2 server and is quite cluttered. I’m looking for an easy (yeah, I know this won’t be easy) way to build a new 2007R2 SCCM server onto a 2008R2 platform (preferably in VM). We currently are an agency acting as a child node from the Main Office of Administration. We also have a mix of Windows XP and Windows 7 machines (going through the migration process on those as well). We are relatively small (less than 600 clients) so I don't believe it will create any strain on a VM machine. What I'm looking for is considerations in the following - VMware vs. Physical (Is there any reason I should NOT migrate into a VM environment) - The biggie, considerations on building a completely new machine but with the same site code (and collections). I can't really find any guides that make it easy (aka ... For dummies). Any guidance would be GREATLY appreciated
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