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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all. During OSD my task sequence is failing with error code 0x80004005 at the very end of "Apply Operating System". The attached smsts.log (smtsprobook) seems to indicate something funny going on with partitions? Test Systems: 1. HP Prodesk 400 G3 SFF 2. HP Probook 430 G3 History: I have created a task sequence for deploying Windows 7 Enterprise X64 w/ SP1. This task sequence works great for the HP Prodesk. No issues at all. Task Sequence Steps (in order): Capture Windows Settings Capture Network Settings Install Operating System
  2. Greetings good people of the interweb I am currently working on a project that i could use some help on, i along with a colleague have been scouring the internet trying to find any answer we can but have come up short which brings me here: The project in question involves Bit Locker on our Microsoft Surface devices; we currently utilize SCCM 2012 R2 to handle our windows updates (this is working fine); however due to the surface devices regularly having firmware updates that bit locker will prevent from installing, we are trying to identify a way to use SCCM to disable(suspend)
  3. Hello, I am fairly new to Config Manager and would like some guidance from the pros. Running into an issue when creating Task Sequences for OSD. When i go to deploy the TS, the last page/tab has an alert "A network access account is required to access content from Windows PE" and there is only one option from the drop down, when there used to be two (see pic). I have a NAA setup and verified, and the deployment of a previous TS did not have this issue (10 minutes prior to creating current "problem" TS). I have deleted the TS, NAA, tried a different NAA and TS, but still have the issue. Any hel
  4. Hello Everybody, I am new to SCCM 2012 and have been struggling with an issue for the past 3 days and am tired of hitting my head against a brick wall. Here I'm deploying Windows 7 x64 and it installed perfectly fine onto the required Hardware & VM. Although in both platforms the Task Sequence fails straight away with the exact same error in the SMSTS.log file. I cant make heads or tails of the actual log file and needs some help to decode the endless lines of code Can someone point me in the right direction?
  5. Please help. The error I am receiving is "the task sequence cannot be run because the program files cannot be located on a distribution point" I know there has been other topics concerning this issue. But I've tried a lot of those suggestions. I am booting a virtual machine with an iso instead of PXE booting. I am still in the testing phases of this (obviously). The ID it is pointing to is the configuration manager upgrade. However with that said If I were to delete the current package, rebuild it, distribute and deploy it, the next time I try to run the TS it will point to a differen
  6. Hi all, Great resource here at windows noob - very easy reading and great guides for setting up SCCM! We are running ConfigMgr 2007 R3 on both server and clients. We have 1 primary site that acts as an SLP, DP, RP, MP, PXE service Point, SUP. We also have an additional server that acts as a DP only and another server for the DB We are having an issue at the moment whereby our task sequences run twice. We deploy windows 7 via either pxe boot or prestaging the boot process, and then when the os is installed and ready, the task sequence will then run again! It seems the first pass doe
  7. At some point I'd like to automate this but for now I need to capture a machine that currently has all of our applications installed. Which route would be the best to take? I tried just using a capture section in the task sequence but am getting an 0x800070490 error. Thanks!
  8. Greetings all, This is a great website! I am testing an implementation of SCCM2012 RC2 and all task sequences are failing regardless of what task I attempt. I've attached the log file from the pxe booted machine. From what I can tell, WinPE is unable to communicate with the MP (MNCMP.OTC.EDU). The test environment is running native mode. The machine is getting an IP address. Any thoughts? smsts.log
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