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  1. Guys I am trying to run a 'Build and Capture' on Windows 10 1709.. All works fine until the Capture Operating System [obviously last in the list] section of the Task Sequence.. when this runs the target machine [tried physical and a VM with same issue] has lost its NIC driver, so it connot write the WIM to the network share Has anybody seen this before? OS's... Target build is Windows 10 1709 Enterprise SCCM is 1710 on Windows Server 2012R2
  2. Hi, We're looking at a wipe and reload on all of our machines because we're changing our encryption from Checkpoint to BitLocker as we move from Windows 7 to Windows 10. However, I'm wondering if it's possible to use hardlinks for USMT since we do have the Checkpoint filter driver as part of our boot wim. I can't find much about this topic on Google or anywhere else. Our environment is SCCM 1710 and we're moving to Win 10 1703 currently. Checkpoint is 80.64 FDE. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  3. Dear Experts, My Sincere thanks for your extended support and great mentorship with System Center Products I am trying to Perform the Build and Capture and Unable to do getting an error Very Shortly - We are planning to upgrade the Environment from SCCM 2012 SP2 to SCCM CB 1702 (Upgrade) and also Windows 7 SP1 to Windows 10 V1702 To perform the Windows 10 Deployment, trying to perform the Capture Image Wizard with limited sequence, but getting an error while installing SCCM Agent. Please do the needful. Console :SCCM 2012 SP2 Target OS : Windows 10 V1607 LTSB Earlier, tried with Windows 10 V1511, which also failed to install SCCM Agent and do not find the Site Code. Any advice pls. SMSTSLog.txt
  4. Hello, So I've been playing around with pushing manual software updates using SUGs. As of now, I have them pushing to two lab environments of around 25 machines each. Also a few test laptops I have in my office. I'm having issues where in the deployment window its showing that a few machines are compliant with the latest updates. If I take a look at the machine version, its still on 1709.16, not 1709.192. Yet the machine is still reporting compliance with the software update deployment. What's even worse, of the 25 machines in each lab. I'd say maybe 18 or so are actually installing the updates and are compliant. Maybe I'm missing something, but to my understanding the latest CU should bring me to the latest version of 10. Correct? In the SUG I've got these three updates, KB4058702 Update for Windows 10 1709 KB4056892 CU for 1709 X64 systems KB4056887 Flash update for x86...Gotta get rid of that. We only have 64 bit machines. I'm very interested to see where I went wrong. Thanks!
  5. Hi, We are currently looking at deploying windows 10 education 1610 across our corporate network (we are a college). The gold image has been created and successfully deployed to machines however we are finding that there are some drivers missing from the machines on completion. I know that drivers can be added into SCCM as packages to be used in the deployments but since we dont run on a standard model of machine this can become a bit of a laborious process. We noted that when you install a standard version of windows in a non corporate environment, windows will try to find drivers for unknown devices via windows update. Obviously updates within the network are controlled by SCCM but what we want to be in a situation where a machine is imaged and then windows update searches for any missing drivers. We have updated the configuration of the updates within SCCM to include updates for windows 10 and servicing to hopefully enable this (see the below images). I think really we need to know if what we want to do is actually possible within the scope of SCCM or if we are going to have to stick to the classic method of creating and importing numerous driver packages each time we add new hardware to our network. Any advice from the experts would be most useful! Thanks, Simon
  6. Hi, im trying to do an in place Upgrade from 1703 but it keeps failing due to I think the system display language being en-gb. I’ve tried creating a package and running set-culture en-us then rebooting the device but it doesn’t change. If I run the command manually it works. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, I'm testing an Upgrade TS to Win 10 1709. I tested 4 devices now. On devices, all was working fine. Update was successful. On other two devices, the OS upgrade was successful, but after the OS boots again the TS doesn't complete successfully. I have two batch files in the Post-Processing group which are not executed. One of them just creates a txt file so I know it did run actually. In Software Center, the TS has status "Installing..." and it keeps spinning like that for hours. The smsts.log files is also not updated anymore after the last reboot. So the Setup command executed successfully, device rebooted, did the OS upgrade successfully, and when booted to the OS the TS just stopped. New Windows 10 works perfectly fine though. I can install other apps via Software Center as well without issues. Anyone has an idea where to look? Due to this, the status of the deployment is also not reported back to CM. If 2 out of 4 devices have this problem, I guess it's not a good sign. Of course I'll do some more testing but this is definitely not a good sign.
  8. actually i made a task sequence for MBAM to encrypt all drives - it starts only, when i´m login to Windows 10, but i need it while the tasksequence is running, before starting installing Office 365 and so on. Have anyone experience for this step? the mbam-client config (last step) set the registry for "no delay" and the mbam-client-Trigger -> reg.exe ADD HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /t REG_SZ /v TriggerMBAM /d "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft\MDOP MBAM\MBAMClientUI.exe" /f will not run, have tried on different places in the tasksequence, but nothing worked ... is it in generall possible to start the encryption while running the "Installation" ... Thx for your help.
  9. I'm having an issue where my Windows 10 task sequence loses it's DNS servers right after the "Setup Windows and Configuration manager" Step reboot. Steps taken so far: - Downloaded all network drivers for this pc model and added them to Driver package and boot image. - Ran "ipconfig /all" and it returned good IP and correct DNS servers during winpe pxe boot - After " Setup Windows and Configuration manager" step reboot I ran "ipconfig /all" again and the dns server IPs have been changed to older (decommissioned) DNS IPs. Can no longer ping MP FQDN. (I can manually change the DNS IPs back to correct IP via CMD prompt and TS continues successfully so not a drivers issue.) - Looked at logs and I see this entry: DNS server search order: 172.x.x.x,172.x.x.x I HAVE REPLACED THE IPS ADDRESSES WITH Xs OSDNetSettings 8/3/2017 9:48:18 AM 1288 (0x0508) The important part being: "DNS server search order:" is getting set to some old IPs. I don't set an unattend.xml in my task sequence, where is it getting this file and these IPs from? How do I change this?
  10. Gents, We use SCCM in our environment. When we uninstall the SUP, the local policy pointing to the SUP is deleted on all machines. In this case, We would like to prevents the Windows Update Agents from going on the internet and applying the new feature update. I already observed that some GPO cannot be use in parallel with SCCM (like "Do not connect to any Windows Update Internet locations") Do you now if this is possible and how can I configure this ?
  11. Currently working on a Windows 10 project , I want to get your input on how you distribute your image to the different departments: same image for all users , based on application security groups, or different task sequences for each department.Please share how you proceed and what do you recommend.
  12. I`m trying to capture a Win10 image with Office 365 but my TS is failing. The O365 application installs fine from Software Centre, but failing during OSD. I attached the SMSTS log smsts-20170718-132035.log
  13. SCCM 1702 Server 2012 R2 Windows 10 Devices Windows Firewall Off on All Devices Hi all, Having some real issues installing the SCCM Client onto my physical windows 10 devices, one is a Surface pro 3 and the other Fujitsu hardware. When i push the client the process never starts and if i run the a manual installation (ccmsetup.exe /mp:SCCMSERVER /logon SMSSITECODE=MYSITECODE) the client does install but if not assigned to any MP and the button to 'Find Site' is greyed out so can not be configured manually? The strange thing is i have been able to install it via push on a Hyper V Windows 10 machine i newly created. Please help ccmsetup.log
  14. Hello, I just applied June monthly updates via SCCM 1702, when the updates were done installing, I noticed new options in the Power option : "Update and Restart" & "Update and Shutdown". We choosed "Restart" (only), but still the computer applied the updates. any idea why would it apply them even though we didn't select "Update and Restart" ? Thanks,
  15. I'm trying to set up a task sequence to deploy Windows 10 via PXE. We have SCCM 2012 SP2 CU4 running on Server 2012 (not R2), with WDS 6.5.9200.16384, ADK 10.1.14393.0, and MDT 6.3.8443.1000. It's s single site and single server. I'm building the image from the official v1607 Enterprise ISO in a VM, entering System Audit Mode and doing some minimal config, and then using a freshly-built SCCM Capture Media ISO to handle the sysprep and image capture. Once captured, I create a basic (non-MDT) task sequence and deploy it as available to the unknown computers group for media and PXE only. If I have the task sequence join the domain and install the Configuration Manager client, everything works fine. I end up with an inaccessible defaultuser0 account on the machine, but I can log in with a domain account and do what I need to do / give it to a user. However, if I have the task sequence not join the domain, then I can't log into the machine after the image is deployed. It does the specialize pass and then does the "checking for critical updates" step, reboots, and then it gets to a login screen for "defaultuser0" and I can't log in. I've checked on the source VM after another fresh build from the installation ISO, and the defaultuser0 account seems to get created as part of the Windows 10 Enterprise v1607 installation. Even if I delete this account before capturing the image, the defaultuser0 account shows up after deployment. (We do everything in system audit mode and do not create any accounts.) I've tried setting the options within the task sequence to enable the admin account and set the password, but it's still not enabled and I can't do anything. If I try restarting in safe mode or enabling the command prompt, the only account listed/selectable is "defaultuser0" and I can't log into it at all. I've also tried adding net user command line steps to the task sequence to add a new local user and add it to the local administrators group, but this causes the task sequence to fail with 0x00000002. The task sequence that doesn't join the domain also does not install configuration manager - this task sequences is for machines that will be off the domain and off the network and not centrally managed. My guess is these steps can't run in the WinPE environment, but I was unable to find any relevant info in the smsts log. If I could get the task sequence / capture media to trigger the standard OOBE, I think that would work fine for our purposes. But I don't know how I can do that. The capture media doesn't seem to have any options I can control for the sysprep step. Could I just remove the "Apply Windows Settings" step in the task sequence entirely to achieve the same result? Again, we're not using MDT because this is a simple, bare bones image and task sequence. Our goal is to PXE boot and install Windows 10 Enterprise with updates and a few applications pre-installed. For domain-joined machines, they get policy after booting into the OS and get all the other stuff that they get. For machines off the domain, all we need is access to a local admin account so we can log in and do a light touch config, depending on each user. If this isn't possible without MDT, then we'll look at creating the MDT packages and task sequences. Thanks.
  16. Hi, Simple question really. Whats the best practice when structuring windows client updates? Do people auto apply to test machines and then auto apply to all machines a couple of weeks after.
  17. Hi All we work offline without internet connection NAT only and i want to know what is the best practice for Sccm and Windows 10 ( LTSB OR CB OR CBB Enterprise )
  18. Hi, I am trying to create a stand-alone media for windows 10 using SCCM 2012 integrated with MDT. The media does help in the machine joining to domain. when i checked the log file in C:\Windows\Panther\UnattendGC Setuperr.log file says: [DJOIN.EXE] Unattended Join: NetJoinDomain failed error code is [1355] [DJOIN.EXE] Unattended Join: Unable to join; gdwError = 0x54b Any help will be appreciated. Thank you,
  19. Hello everyone After 4 days fighting with Upgrade task sequence, I don't know what to do anymore As I can't use the custom Windows 10 image with OEM + Theme + Provisionned app removed in Upgrade task sequence I had to repeat the action within the Upgrade TS I used the Provisioning packages for Windows 10 way, generated a PPKG & tried : DISM /Online /Add-ProvisioningPackage /PackagePath:TOTO.ppkg DISM /Image:%OSDISK%\ /Add-ProvisioningPackage /PackagePath:TOTO.ppkg DISM.exe /Image=C:\ /Add-ProvisioningPackage /PackagePath:TOTO.ppkg none working So I tried the powershell way, executing my PS1 script from network share : powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command ".\removedefaultapps.ps1" echo "Uninstalling default apps" $apps = @( "Microsoft.3DBuilder" "Microsoft.Getstarted" "Microsoft.Messaging" "Microsoft.Microsoft3DViewer" "Microsoft.MicrosoftOfficeHub" "Microsoft.MicrosoftSolitaireCollection" "Microsoft.MicrosoftStickyNotes" "Microsoft.Office.OneNote" "microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps" "Microsoft.OneConnect" "Microsoft.People" "Microsoft.SkypeApp" "Microsoft.StorePurchaseApp" "Microsoft.WindowsFeedbackHub" "Microsoft.WindowsPhone" "Microsoft.WindowsStore" "microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps" "Microsoft.XboxApp" "Microsoft.XboxGameOverlay" "Microsoft.XboxIdentityProvider" "Microsoft.XboxSpeechToTextOverlay" "Microsoft.ZuneMusic" "Microsoft.ZuneVideo" ) foreach ($app in $apps) { echo "Trying to remove $app" Get-AppxPackage -Name $app -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppXProvisionedPackage -Online | where DisplayName -EQ $app | Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online } Doesn't work If I run them (script OR PPKG) AFTER the tasks sequence (once logged in inside the upgraded computer) then it's working fine ! Any idea ? Thanks Antoine
  20. Hi Community, I have been fighting a problem the last couple of days. I have been trying to install HP Probook 430 G1, 650 G1 and Surface 1 and 2 generation. When deploying MDT first time the installation goes trough correct but when reinstalling the computer apply everything to the first restart then it restart back into WinPE and say dirt envoirment. Cant understand why it's doing this, but if I run diskpart before I start task sequence it goes trough correct. Have anyone seen this before? Kind regards EGGLAS
  21. We are migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10 using USMT with hardlinks. All is well with the migration all documents and files are copied with the exception of IE favorites. Is this because EDGE is the default browser in Windows 10? If so is there a resolution to this issue. Thanks.
  22. Hi all, I created a USMT scenario which worked fine for data/setting transfers between Windows 7 and Windows 10 (1511.) I've updated our image to the new Windows 10 (1607). From then on the problems with the migration started. In my test case, only 1 of the 7 printers are transfered to the new Windows 10 (1607) image. Bofore that (transfer to 1511), all worked fine. I use the following xml code for the transfer: <!-- This component migrates network printers --> <component type="Documents" context="User"> <displayName>Mapped Printers</displayName> <role role="Data"> <rules> <include> <objectSet> <pattern type="Registry">HKCU\Printers\Connections\* [*]</pattern> <pattern type="Registry">HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows [Device]</pattern> </objectSet> </include> </rules> </role> </component> The loadstate.log is exactly the same on Windows 10 1511 and Windows 10 1607. It seems that Windows 10 1607 handles the printers (or drivers?) differently? Is anyone else having problems with printer migration to Windows 10 (1607)? PS: Already tried the USMT from ADK 1511 and USMT from ADK 1607, both give the same issues.
  23. I have Configuration Manager 1610 with latest patches installed. Most of our Windows 10 client are 1507 and 1511 (100+), Defer upgrades set by GPO. However, "feature update to windows 10 enterprise version 1607" shows not required. I can deploy "feature update to windows 10 enterprise version 1703" to 1607 build Windows 10 clients (current branch) without any problem. Any reason why "feature update to windows 10 enterprise version 1607" shows not required and not deploy to 1507 and 1511 as Current Branch for Business? Regards Andrew
  24. Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to set a servicing plan deployment to Available instead of Required, so the users can trigger it manually. Also I'm missing the "Upgrade to Windows 10 1703" , all the upgrades available are for 1511 and 1607 ,any idea why?
  25. Hello! I'm currently having an issue deploying windows 10 via PXE. Its running SCCM 1606. The client will boot up get an IP and contact the WDS server but it wont find the WinPE image. The image is on the server. I've already removed and redistributed it. I've removed the PXE role from the DP and readded. I've even removed the DP role and readded it. The Boot Image is set to "Deploy this Boot image...". Still gives the same error. I am able to deploy the OS when I create deployment media. Then I'm just putting the boot image on a CD and still pulling down the OS. Client boot action reply: <ClientIDReply><Identification Unknown="0" ItemKey="16792882" ServerName=""><Machine><ClientID>GUID:37705003-F519-4C59-9592-73B0F3E03976</ClientID><NetbiosName/></Machine></Identification><PXEBootAction LastPXEAdvertisementID="" LastPXEAdvertisementTime="" OfferID="WAL20010" OfferIDTime="10/20/2016 9:46:00 AM" PkgID="WAL0002D" PackageVersion="" PackagePath="http://WAL-SCCM-OSD1.ad.edc.org/SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/WAL00027" BootImageID="WAL00027" Mandatory="0"/></ClientIDReply> SMSPXE 10/20/2016 10:12:19 AM 2264 (0x08D8) 00:21:CC:64:94:F8, 70E6BA01-5125-11CB-80F6-BC22C629C2EE: found optional advertisement WAL20010 SMSPXE 10/20/2016 10:12:19 AM 2264 (0x08D8) Looking for bootImage WAL00027 SMSPXE 10/20/2016 10:12:19 AM 2264 (0x08D8) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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