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Found 7 results

  1. On the Tuesday after the Patch Tuesday this month, Adobe has released out-of-band security updates to patch a total of 82 security vulnerabilities across products listed below. Adobe Acrobat and Reader Adobe Experience Manager Adobe Experience Manager Forms Adobe Download Manager Of these 82 vulnerabilities, 45 are rated critical and if exploited, attackers can execute arbitrary code in the context of the current user. If you're an SCCM admin, you can deploy these out-of-band security updates using Patch Connect Plus. You can search for the following PatchIDs from the console and deploy them to your endpoints. Acrobat Reader DC Continuous : PatchID : 311276 BulletinID : TU-072 Patch Description : Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (Continuous Track) update - All languages (19.021.20047) (APSB19-49) Acrobat DC Continuous : PatchID : 311283 BulletinID : TU-137 Patch Description : Adobe Acrobat DC Pro and Standard (Continuous Track) update - All languages (19.021.20047) (APSB19-49) Acrobat DC Classic 2015 : PatchID : 311277 BulletinID : TU-135 Patch Description : Adobe Acrobat DC Pro and Standard (Classic Track) update - All languages (15.006.30504) (APSB19-49) Acrobat Reader DC Classic 2015: PatchID : 311282 BulletinID : TU-136 Patch Description : Adobe Acrobat Reader MUI DC (Classic Track) update - All languages (15.006.30504) (APSB19-49) Acrobat DC Classic 2017 : PatchID : 311284 BulletinID : TU-753 Patch Description : Adobe Acrobat 2017 Pro and Standard (Acrobat 2017 Track) update - All languages (17.011.30150) (APSB19-49) Acrobat Reader DC Classic 2017 : PatchID : 311285 BulletinID : TU-754 Patch Description : Adobe Acrobat Reader 2017 MUI (Classic Track) (17.011.30150) (APSB19-49) Patch Connect Plus helps you manage over 200 third-party applications, along with Application management and Admin tools for improved productivity. Get started with Patch Connect Plus now and maximize your SCCM utility!
  2. Microsoft SCCM is an exemplary tool for managing Microsoft applications. But handling third-party applications isn't yet its game. Join our free webinar with Anoop C. Nair, Microsoft MVP, to learn why patching third-party applications is essential and how it can be streamlined in SCCM. Please register here: https://www.manageengine.com/third-party-patching-webinar-with-MVP-Anoop
  3. I've spent the better part of a day trying to add Adobe reader to our Software Center for users to install. I extracted the MSI files from the executable. I used their Customization app to create the .MST. I've tried setting the install up multiple different ways with no luck. The majority of the time it results in the install in Software Center spinning until it times out. Or it will begin the install correctly, except it's not paying attention to the settings I made in the MST file, and when it finishes, Software Center gives an error that when Googled equates to Software Center being unable to detect that it was installed. Someone out there has to have this working and can throw me a bone.
  4. We have an ETLA licensing agreement with Adobe to install all of the Creative Cloud products. I'm looking for some help with this, or better practices. I currently am able to individually deploy each CC Application to a computer with SCCM, however, when one of the labs needs the whole package, that's when things seem to not work. I keep running into a cache size issue and it fails because the cache size isn't big enough. Yes, I've increased the cache size and emptied it out, but have others came across this problem? For installing each application/program, I'm just using this type of command: "msiexec /i "Photoshp.msi" /q and the detection is based off the msi product code. I have tested each one and they all work fine. Is SCCM the way to go with Adobe CC? How else can I fix the cache problem? Thanks for your time.
  5. Hi at all!!! I have a problem with deploy software... In my enviroment work i have create new package for install AdobeReadeUpdate, i used .msp extension. The command line used is "msiexec /p AdbeRdrUpd110006.msp /qn " Deploy the package and i receive the follow error in the Deployment Status console: Message ID: 10006 Status Type: Error Description: 1642 Help me please!!! Thank you
  6. I created a task sequence to uninstall Adobe Reader from a collection of computers and then install a modified version of Reader with a specific path. It's working but...I'm wondering how I go about getting SCCM to reinstall the modified version if a user updates Reader and breaks the specified path I have set? These computers are part of a collection so if a user updates Reader will SCCM run the deployment again or would I have to manually run the deployment again? Make sense?
  7. I have SCUP hooked into my SCCM installation and I push out adobe flash updates like the rest of the windows updates. I notice that SCCM doesn't know when to supersede the flash updates. Is the best way to work with this to only keep the most recent in the update group that contains the flash updates? I don't want it pushing out old ones and new ones all at the same time over and over. I have attached a picture just to clarify if needed.
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