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Unknown computer support via bootmedia

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I'm looking to deploy a TS via bootmedia to bare metal machines.


I've already deployed lots of different TS's to all sorts of kit, so i'm fine and happy with that. However I know have a requirement to build bare metal tin. Ideally I'm going to get the chaps doing it via boot media.


So far I have;


Deployed the Task Sequence to Unknown Computers (Bootmedia and PXE (hidden)

Built bootmedia with Unknown Computer support enabled (as well as the old OSD ComputerName variable)


When I boot the media, I put the password in but it tells me there are no task sequence available for this computer.


Do I need to enable Unknown Computer Support (something i'm loathe to do) on the PXE Dp's as well?


Thanks in advance.

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Right, fixed this myself.


I had deployed the Task sequence so that only Boot Media and PXE (hidden) had access to this.


To use a hidden TS you need to have a task sequence variable enabled called SMSTSPreferredAdvertID


Set the variable to the Deployment ID of the Deployment of the specific Task Sequence that has been deployed to the Unknown Computers collection.


Make sure you select the right deployment, I spent 15 mins trying to work out why it wasn't working, as I had had copied the deployment for the specific TS that wasn't advertised to the Unknown Computers collection.


To get the DeploymentID...


Software Library\Operating Systems\Task sequences


Select your task sequence and in the pane at the bottom select the Deployments tab.


Right click on the titles and select "Deployment ID"


And to answer my own question, no, you don;t need the DP's to be enabled for Unknown Computer support is just using boot media.

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