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How to deploy new version of existing software

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we are just beginning to use SCCM 2012 R2 in our organization. Previously I deployed softwares with GPO (custom boot scripts).

I have a question concerning upgrading existing software.

A brief of history :

our computers had a software X, in version 2, installed on some Workstation before using SCCM.

A new version had to be installed, version 3. I have created a deployment in SCCM, pushed on all Workstation with version 2. No problem now all my workstations have version 3.

Now, we have received a version 3.1. I have to deploy it on all Workstation with 3.0 installed, and in the future I want that all Workstation that need this software be installed directly in 3.1 (it's not a software update, it's a full version). We don't need to uninstall previous version. It will be replaced by the new one.

What is the best practice for that ?

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Since this is a new installation and not just an update, what I do for this is set the new application to supersede the previous version.


So basically, I would create a new application for version 3.1. Once it is created, right click the application and one of the tabs says supersedence. You can then add the version 3.0 application to it. You just then need to deploy the application again. You can also set a few other options like uninstalling the previous version.

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If I use supersedence, do I have to deploy the new version to a collection, or it will be automatically applied to the same collection than the previous version ?

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