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ConfigMgr OSD Delivery Strategy

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I want to discuss / know what the strategy is for other SCCM Administrators to deliver their OSD.


It's a bad practice to just deploy a Windows 7 OSD to the All Systems Collection, but it comes in handy for the Servicedesk.

If they need to re-install a system, they just hit F12, fill in the password and they can image the system.


I want to know, how you guys doing this ?


Need the servicedesk ask you to add a system to a specific collection, so the OSD deployment comes available for that system?


Or do you grant the servicedesk several permissions to modiy a collection, so they can add the system by them selfs?


Or maybe you made a custom tool which can add to system to a collection?


Thanks in advanced.

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In our environment we deploy Windows 7 32/64bit and Windows 8 32/64bit, both Enterprise. I imported a .wim for each of these OS types, and then packaged all the base software I thought we would need. I allow our technicians (who each handle desktop support for their own sites) to create their own collections. How I kept this organized though is I added a folder for each technician, that gives them their own space to create test collections along with whatever folder structure they like. I have them create their own task sequences using whichever OS/Software packages are available for use. If they come to me with another software their site requires, I package them at my earliest convenience to make there jobs easier.


Their method of deployment is usually pxe and deploying to the "unknown" collection. The reason I leave it to them is because some of the hardware in our environment is older, and may not support Windows 8 as well as the newer machines. The poor decisions they make force on more work for them so there is usually no issues. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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