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SCCM OSD XP to 7 Migration - Prestage EVERYTHING

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Hi All!


A Customer is upgrading all XP PCs to windows 7 using SCCM 2007 R3 and USMT. Almost everything works fine in the lab. The bad thing is, that there are several hundreds locations that have only one pc and quite bad connection (512kbps) :((( I was trying to find a way to prestage everything needed for the migration (or atleast the .wim file), so that after publishing the advertisement these PCs could download everything needed over this bad connection. (It may take 3-5 days to download .wim...)


Looking through different forums I found only suggestions to create a Branch Distribution point in such locations, but for me this cannot be done, as the same PC should be upgraded...


If anyone had such a problem, please share with me! :)))



Thanks a lot in advance!!!

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You could create a bootable USB key and use that to put the TS and everything on and then build from that?


Might be quicker, depending on where the locations are?


Is BITS enabled, you could set that to hammer the link out of hours, but restrict it to 10% of the link during office hours? That may stop service desk calls :)



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