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OSD problems after R2 upgrade

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Hi Folks,


I just recently upgraded my sccm 2012 sp1 environment to 2012 R2, I have only just tried deploying our custom image to a pc since the upgrade to discover its not working but it was before the upgrade.


The pc pxe boots as normal runs through the task process everything looks fine looks its downloaded the image ok, but then it displays a black screen saying "An Operating System Wasn't Found, Press Ctrl Alt Delete to restart.


can anyone help me out?


thanks in advance







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Does the sequence go through the stage "Apply Operating System" after downloading the image?


If so, is the client machine booting from the right drive?

Couple of things to check:

When formatting drive in OSD TS - is it being set as the Boot drive?

What disk is the image applying to? c: d: e: etc

What is the boot order of the client machine?


Would be useful to see the smsts.log up to this point

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Hi Apexes,


thanks for your reply.


When formatting drive in OSD TS - yes its being set as boot drive.

what disk is image applying to - OS (D), BDE ©, Boot (X)

boot order is set to boot of HD first.


please find attached screenshots 1-6, screenshots 1 2 3 4 5 are normal but at screen 5 the client is suppose to reboot then start loading OS but at the moment the process hangs on screen 5 after 5 minutes or so clients reboots but displays screenshot 6.


also find attached "smsts.log"


many thanks for your help on this issue.










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You logs contain this error:


ReadDataAndWriteToFile() failed with 0x80072efe when downloading 33% of file D:\_SMSTaskSequence\Packages\CMS00012\W7SP1 Ref.wim



As this post says, it could be a hardware fault somewhere on or between the desktop and server:




I have had this in the past (different errors though), and the image is just not applying...at least its not applying to a bootable partition

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After I upgraded to R2, I had to recreate my task sequences using the new boot image. I couldn't just change it, I had to recreate the whole task sequence and then everything started working again.

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