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Dell CCTK Bitlocker - Refresh

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I am using the Dell CCTK to activate tpm, etc and it works good on new computers where TPM is turned off.


But... If a computer has had TPM/Bitlocker turned on before and it runs these steps, it fails at the activate TPM step.


If I run it through the command prompt it says Note: You cannot active tpm unless


1. Admin password must be set (it is set)

2. TPM must not be owned (this is the issue)

3. TPM must be deactivated (Even if it's deactivated it still fails) I believe it's because of #2



Anyone find a way around this?

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Hi guys,


Have you ever tried this with Windows 8.1 and UEFI?


I cannot activate the TPM at all while in WinPE (5.1), HAPI or not. Running the command cctk --tpmactivation=activate --valsetuppwd=temppwd I just get the message:


1. Admin password must be set 2. TPM must not be owned 3. TPM must be deactivated.


How can I check if the TPM is owned?


By the by, the hardware is a Latitude E5440.




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How about using a wmi query? >wmic /namespace:\\root\cimv2\security\microsofttpm path Win32_tpm get * /format:list




SpecVersion=1.2, 2, 2

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