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Installation: Configure the operation database error

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I'm currently installing SCOM 2012R2 on a VM. I follow this guide: http://prajwaldesai.com/installing-scom-2012-sp1/

I've installed all the prerequisies..


name server OpsMgr1

OS: Windows 2008R2

Sql Server 2008R2, collation is SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS

installed report viewer 2012.

.Net framework 4.5




Then I started installing SCOM. In the window where I Configure the operation database I have to give in a server name and instance name. If I enter "scom" or "opsmgr1\scom" I get this error:


This SQL server could not be found. Please check that this SQL server is running and that the current user has login permissions.


Services Sql Server and Sql Server Agent are running (automated at startup).


Anyone have an idea?

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Are you running SQL Server on a dedicated VM or on the same server VM as SCOM?


If you have a dedicated SQL Server, check that the account you are using for the installation has local Administrator access AND SysAdmin on the SQL Server instance. Also check the windows firewall.


Also, take a look at my install and config guides: http://adinermie.wordpress.com/scom/

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I've tried again. This time with a new VM with windows 2012R2 with Sql server 2012Sp1.


I've gotten further this time. Everything goes right until I get to a window "Configure Operations Manager accounts".


I have to enter accounts for:

-Management server action account

-Data reader account

-data writer account


I've made a windows account scomadmin and it has rights to the sql server.


I entered this account in this window.

setup refuses them. I get: setup detected that the action account specified is a domain administrator account. For security reasons, this not recommended. See the operations manager deployment documentation for more information.


After that I get: One or more accounts provided could not be validated. Please provide valid user names and passwords.


I tried the network administrator account and get the same error.


Also: do I have to change something about port 1433?

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First of all, let's deal with the accounts.


Take a look at my post here: http://adinermie.wordpress.com/2014/01/25/scom-2012-sp1-in-a-lab-installation-guide-install-scom/.


The Managed Server Action Account needs to be Local Admin on any system you want to install the Agent on.

The System Center Configuration Service and Data Access Service account needs to be Local Admin on the SCOM Management Server(s).

The Data Reader and Data Writer account can be "normal" domain accounts, as the setup will take care of the permissions to assign to them.


Also, that account that you are using to perform the SCOM installation needs to be Local Admin on the server that will become the SCOM Management Server, AND also needs to have SysAdmin on the SQL Server instance installation so that it can create the databases during setup.


Don't forget that you need to supply the Domain along with the username.


Start with that, and let me know how it goes. Also, feel free to watch my blog's YouTube channel, for video walkthroughs on my articles.


Install and Configure SQL Server 2012 SP1 For SCOM on Windows Server 2012 R2 : http://youtu.be/jOb0bAL4yz4

Install SCOM 2012 R2 (Single Server) on Windows Server 2012 R2: http://youtu.be/CoF25A036xg

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