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Manually Synchronize WSUS

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I explain my problem

In my work environment I've added a new site system roles (WSUS).

I have no internet connection and so I have to download updates from a server that is not in my organization because in another place (My wsus is in Italy and the server from which I download is in Germany)

I ask you in the installation I selected the following option:


But the server name and / or IP address where I have to set it up?

YOU have to do more? Database? Log?

Thank you very much as always!

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You need to install WSUS anyway on the site system and the configure it as you did above, then you need to import/export the WSUS database as well as the content. Here is a blog post explaining it: http://blogs.technet.com/b/aaronczechowski/archive/2008/11/11/configmgr-software-updates-on-an-isolated-network.aspx

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