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TS network capture question

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Let me start by saying Thank you! for writing such awesome tutorials - you guys rock!


I have somewhat of a unique (at least I think it's unique) situation. I have several remote sites that all have their own local ISPs - these sites are not networked to the point of being able to access the CAS directly. We are using Win 7 Enterprise so we can take advantage of MS DirectAccess and/or a 3rd party zero touch VPN client. My trouble(s) are this:

I need to upgrade some Windows XP SP3 machines that reside in these 'independent' sites to Windows 7 Enterprise. I have created a TS on Standalone DVD Media which, in testing, works great with one exception: I can not seem to migrate the TCP/IP info from target machine into the newly imaged Win7Ent build. Each machine has a static IP address that must be reapplied in order for internet access to function. Per a company security policy, these sites do not have DHCP working locally.


In my testing, I have not been successful in migrating the static TCP/IP values.

In my TS, I have the enabled the setting under Capture File and Settings> Capture Network Settings > Migrate network adapter configuration... not sure why its not reapplying the configuration? I read in TechNet that if this is enabled, it should overwrite the step "Apply Network Settings" > "windows will configure network adapters to use DHCP by default..."


sidenote: I also have the TS trying to migrate computername which is also not working as I believe it should. While this is not terribley important, it would save me some extra time when I have our helpdesk come back around and touch the machines to reinstall some peripherals which our locations must use.

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I apologize for omitting the log files that might be necessary to solicit the help previously requested. I can see in the log file where the ApplyNetwork Settings step failed, I just need some help understanding what went wrong... (see log time 3:16:58 PM)


I thank you all in advance for any assistance that can be provided.



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please, is there no one who can provide me with some direction? is there some other solution I could try; am I just missing something? I was able to make this work in SCCM2007 using similar TS methods... I'm getting desperate at this point :( - I am happy to provide any log files or documentation necessary to work through this problem.

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