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Application Scheduleing and Maintenance Windows

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Hi There. I have a scenario that I want to get some clarification. I think I know how it will work but wonder if I'm understanding it correctly.


I have clients across a WAN that I want to deploy an application to but the bandwidth is limited and I can't put local DPs there. I want to prestage the content and then enforce its installation after the server side of the app has been upgraded on Saturday.


The collection that the clients are a member has a maintenance window defined daily from 2am to 5am. I was going to deploy the app and make it available for tonight at 8pm thinking that the client would see the deployment and begin to download it. The application deadline is set for 2 days from now on Saturday at 8pm. Am I correct in thinking that the client will install the application tonight at 2am during it's first available maintenance windows??


If so, my plan is to temporarily replace the daily 2am to 5am maintenance window with a maintenance window that starts at the deployment deadline on Saturday at 8pm. It seems to me that then the client would see the application, download it and wait to install until 8pm on Saturday when it would be enforced. I also plan to hide the deployment so that it does not show up in software center.


Is my thinking correct?

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I'm also using application supercedence for this deployment. The supercedence rule uninstalls the old version first. I'm my test deployment (from scratch on 3 VMs and 6 computers based on our gold image), I had deployed the old version of the app with ConfigMgr and then deployed the new app with supercedence through ConfigMgr. It all worked flawlessly. In my production deployment, the existing app is already installed on all the computers. Can I just deploy the new version of the app superceding the old or do I need to deploy both the old and the new for the supercedence to work? I wasn't going to deploy the old because the app is part of the gold image already.


I hope that makes sense


This new deployment will get us off from using the gold image to have the app installed and enable us to use ConfigMgr going forward.

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