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VBscript Noob

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I am trying to reaquaint myself with VBScripting and I need to write a script that will CALL several applications one after the other and install them as I run the script.

Can anyone put me on the right track here?

Thank you


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In case you're still looknig for feedback on this...


When you say "CALL" do you mean "execute" or "install"? If so have you looked at the Run command?


intReturn = objWshShell.Run (strPathToFile & "\MyExe.exe /quiet /norestart", 1, True)


You can set it to wait until the process being executed is finished, and then just do several statements one after the other. Of course, you'll want to add code to check and see if it really did install. And there are all sort of other potential hiccups that can happen. But that's where I'd suggest starting...

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