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Windows 8.1 Virtual Machine image capture using Config Manager

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I have created a new Windows 8.1 image and used it to create a virtual machine inside vSphere. How can I import this image into my Software Library? I need to create a deployment for this box, but I am unable to create the deployment for it? Any suggestions?

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Okay, have you created the Image Capture disc (.iso?)




If you have, what you need to do is:


1. Remove the machine from the domain

2. Reboot

3. Attach the ISO to the VM

4. Wait for it to run (if it doesn't, browse to: "D:\SMS\bin\i386\TSMBAutoRun.exe", run that to start it off if it doesn't on it's own).

***Change D: to what ever drive you use, and if it's a 64 bit system, you can use the x64 directory instead of the i386 directory if you wish***

5. Follow the wizard through, giving it a name, version, date...etc. Give it a network account which has access to the UNC (share) where you want to save it.

6. It will sysprep the machine for you (assuming all is well, you may have errors if you have messed about the standard apps like "Mail" or "People"...etc, but we can cross that bridge if you come to it)

7. It will reboot, start WINPE and take the image


It will let you know when it's completed, and you should find the .WIM file located where you told SCCM to save it. You can then follow through the steps anyweb has provided to add and deploy the image to SCCM.


Hope this helps.

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