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Can't delete Hyper V Snapshots 2008 R2

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Hi All,


Hope someone can help :) I've got a Hyper V server running two VM's. One with snapshots is causing me problems... its taking up 27gb worth of space!


Its causing the hosts disk space to run low and therefore putting the VM into the "Paused-Critical" state.


When I try to delete the VM snapshots, I'm getting the below error =


"Cannot delete snapshot: the system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002).


*Servername* failed to remove snapshot. (Virtual machine ID 4FC19371-AE2C-4D4D-8AF8-D985EC6553F0)


Cannot delete snapshot: the system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002). (Snapshot ID 5D32D54D-336A-4598-A5B4-41BC824F1537)."



Hard drive location = 1 VHD on "F:\"

Snapshot file location = "C:\program data\microsoft\windows\hyper-v"


I've tried exporting the VM to then re-import it with no luck....


"*Servername* failed to export. (Virtual machine ID 4FC19371-AE2C-4D4D-8AF8-D985EC6553F0)"






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