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WSUS/Updates through SCCM 2012 on Server 2012 : Need some help

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Good morning all,


As stated in the title, i'm trying to get Software Updates through SCCM 2012 going and I'm stuck because i'm used to the old school way of doing this on a standalone WSUS server.


After I had already installed the WSUS role as well as SUP I looked at the guide generously posted by anyweb here :



I noticed the few differences in my setup and his was I was installing using Server 2012, and at no point do I remember it asking me if I wanted to setup a default WSUS webpage. I know in standalone WSUS you had to setup IIS website for clients, but is that required for SCCM deployment?


What I've done is the following:


1) added WSUS role to Server 2012 server

2) added SUP role in SCCM

3) I've setup my classifications / programs requiring updates and synchronized

4) downloaded Windows 7 updates and put them into a Windows 7 Updates group

5) now i'm stuck.


I'm honestly ignorant to the way that SCCM deploys updates, and I think it's because i'm stuck to the way WSUS worked in the standalone and i'm over-thinking it.


Can anyone point me in the right direction? I believe most if not all on the SCCM side is setup correctly, for all are online/ok in Component Status under monitoring...I just need a point in the right direction on how to grasp the logic of how to obtain / deploy with SCCM. I know it's a lot easier than i'm making it, just need some help :)


Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!



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You're getting close already. When the updates are downloaded to a deployment package and are member of a update group, only one step is left.. deploy the updates! Deploy the updates to a collection and you are deploying updates via ConfigMgr/SUP.

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