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How do I deploy iTunes in SCCM 2012 R2

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What have you done so far, kdevries?


The kind of steps I'd be looking at doing would be:


1. Get iTunes packaged as an MSI if possible.


This may mean re-authoring or capturing the iTunes installation using something like Flexera AdminStudio/Wise Installer. Having an installer in an MSI format gives you the ability to install it using Windows Installer, which is very useful and enables consistent installation and uninstallation.


2. On-board the iTunes MSI and any Transform (*.MST) as new Application in SCCM. You would probably want to choose an Application over Package, as it gives more power and flexibility than Packages and would allow users to request iTunes (if thats the way you wanted to go) via the SCCM Self-Service frontend. (Packages don't have that ability)


3. As part of on-boarding iTunes application, in Properties make sure the Application is checked to be available to install by Task Sequences. That may not be turned on by default.


4. Distribute your iTunes application to all your Distribution Points. If you want iTunes available for users to Self-Install instead of being in Task Sequence, make sure you deploy it to a suitable collection of Users as "Available" or whichever your business needs dictate.


5. You'd want to create a Operating System Deployment (OSD) Task Sequence and make sure it does what the label describes, i.e. installing an operating system with your required settings.


6. Once your Task Sequence is working in its own right, edit the Task Sequence and insert "Install Application" somewhere in the process and choose iTunes.



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